For 2011 we have decided to give the healthy local running and jogging community a forum of their own!


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Jog Scotland new block (10 weeks) starts back on Monday 12th January another block will follow in preparation for Mokkrun 2015 . Meeting upstairs in Aqualibrium at 6.45 pm .
£10 per block (10weeks) paid on night with all monies donated to local charities. £500 is being donated to the local Kintyre dialysis group.

This block is offering support to 3 different group types - Beginners walk/jog 0 - 3 miles , intermediates 3 miles(5k) and improvers group.

If you think you 'cant run the length of yourself' why not challenge yourself to our beginners class and let our Jog Leaders lead you from couch to jogging /running 3 miles in 12 weeks . If you just need a little more 'push' then come along to our 3 mile intermediate group or our 3-6 mile improvers group.

Jog Scotland leaders are here to support you every step of the way.

The only other requirements of becoming a member of the group is that you must be a member of jogscotland which is completely free and forms can be obtained when you attend your first session.

The jogscotland programme was established in 2002 by scottishathletics, the governing body of athletics in Scotland. jogscotland uses simple, gentle walk/jog/run programmes to encourage everyone to get out and become more active!

So if you need some motivation to exercise more?
Then come along to Jog Scotland on a Monday night at 6.45pm
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