Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back!

Postby Board Admin » Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:38 pm

Welcome back to the Kintyre Forum! The board has been in maintenance mode over the past few days to allow the Administrators and Moderators time to carry out a thorough review of the forum and to make some changes. The forum software has been upgraded and the board is now running on the latest version of phpbb3. You may not notice any difference on the surface but the upgrade was necessary to improve security and functionality.

Our message board has been growing constantly since it was born in February 2005. It was designed to give people with a Kintyre connection a medium to discuss local news, issues, events etc. While highlighting “all things Kintyre” remains our main objective, we welcome the diverse discussion that takes place every day in the various general forums.

Regular visitors will notice that Speakers Corner is now no longer part of the Kintyre Forum. The Administrators felt that it had served its time well but we now had an opportunity to move on. In its place we have a new forum called Current Affairs and as the name suggests it is an area where members can discuss current events from around the world and in your neighbourhood. This new forum is for registered members of the Kintyre Forum only, so if you have not registered, you will be unable to read or post there. We hope to see lots of topical posts there.

We have also taken the time to review the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and have made a number of changes and additions to help clarify what is acceptable when posting in these forums. Ensuring the integrity of this website is of paramount importance to the Kintyre Forum and its members, so we have decided to take a stricter policy with regards the running and moderation of the forums. We ask that all members read the new AUP and familiarise yourself with it. It is there to help everyone get the best out of this website so we ask that you respect and adhere to it.

The Kintyre Forum is provided free of charge to all and as such we ask that you respect the decisions made by the Administrators and Moderators who volunteer to provide this service.

We also wish to highlight that a number of local organisations enjoy the benefits of their own private area on the forum. This allows their registered members to discuss their club, organisation, event etc. If any other local organisation wishes to make use of these FREE facilities please e-mail admin@kintyreforum.com and we will set this up for you.

Finally, please enjoy the Kintyre Forum and use it responsibly to ensure it remains here for many years to come!
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