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McGeachy Ironmongers, Union Street

PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2024 6:38 pm
by Rob McEwing
EMDEE mentioned McGeachy Ironmongers in Union Street in a post in The Changing Face of Campbeltown topic way back in 2008.
My grandmother was Janet McGeachy, sister of the Robert McGeachy who started this business in about 1900; he was still the proprietor & tenant up to last Valuation Roll in 1940. His daughters/sons also worked in the shop and may well have taken it over after he died.
Does anyone know which shop in Union Street it was and when it last traded as McGeachy's?
I did find one old photo as below- could McGeachy Ironmongers be the shop on the right, just beyond the Tea Rooms? They could be pots/pans hanging up outside it!

Re: McGeachy Ironmongers, Union Street

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2024 4:36 pm
by dunc99
It was on the left side of the street. The buildings were knocked down (probably in the late 50s) when the car park was built.

Re: McGeachy Ironmongers, Union Street

PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2024 12:21 pm
by Rob McEwing
Thanks very much for that.
With a bit of image enhancement, I think I can just make out that the first shop on the left does say Robert McGeachy Ironmonger above it.
As you say, it is indeed now the car park. I'll keep looking for a clearer old picture!
Thanks again
Rob McE