Kittens Free

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Kittens Free

Postby Sandra C » Mon Nov 21, 2022 2:57 pm

At Bellochantuy free to good home four feral kittens. 2 white with black markings and 2 white with grey markings. The
kittens are approximately 16 weeks old. These kittens would not be suitable for someone with no experience of cats as it will take time and patience to train them to become house cats. I have previously homed 5 feral kittens and they have all became friendly house cats. We have to catch them individually in a cage which makes them very distressed so the shorter the time they are in the cage the better so I would appreciate if they could be collected as soon as possible. The kittens are used to me as I feed them and I am able to touch them. All I will ask if you find that you can't handle them is to return them to me.

If you are interested please call Sandra on 07531 677021
Sandra C
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Too Shy To Talk Much
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Re: Kittens Free

Postby Abigail » Wed Feb 01, 2023 8:16 am

My aunt love cats and she is looking for kittens as you are telling us you have but she is in Chicago i am afraid it would be hard for you and for her to receive. Where are you from exactly?
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