Dalriada Connections Concert - did you go?

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Dalriada Connections Concert - did you go?

Postby Ptarmigan » Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:54 am

Hello there,

I was just wondering how the Dalriada Connections Concert went, at this year's featival.

If you were there, please tell us how it went?

We, "Scad the Beggars" played at it for the past couple of years ourselves & were sorry to miss it this year, but it is such a worthwhile project that I do hope it was a success again this year.

I'm also very interested to hear how the new Tuition Classes went?
I know these were talked about in previous year's so I'm delighted to see them finally being introduced.
Was it only Scottish tunes being taught, or did the youngsters learn any Irish tunes too?

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