Next Years Festival 2008

Details of the 21st Music Festival running from Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd August 2015, also see

Postby Annie » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:54 am

Luv ya billions!!!
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Re: Next Years Festival 2008

Postby SAR TEAM LEADER » Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:32 pm

Ranald wrote:
browneyedgirl wrote:I would like to propose that next year we try something different, surely we can get with the times and move away from the victoria hall. Would it be possible to hire a marquee for the weekend and have it over the green? I for one wouldn't mind paying for a weekend ticket with the hope of maybe attracting some big name acts!
Thoughts everyone?

I reckon this idea is essential for the development of the festival. A couple of big names in two separate venues is all well and good but a weekend gig idea is surely far more likely to draw in people from near and far. You could also have a huge variety of bands and even a different style of headliner on each night to satisfy the different audiences. The Stranglers this year weren't my cup of tea so I gave them a miss on the Saturday night, whereas last year I thought Idlewild were amazing. No doubt there are a lot of other people who would say the opposite was true so a weekend event gives plenty of scope for catering for all tastes. A huge tent would also help to avoid potential weather problems and the corresponding ticket price increases would surely help to cover the additional costs.

Couldn't agree more with the above posts. I was at Ullapool two years ago for the 'Loopallu' festival, a great weekend, with an ecleptic line up (Stranglers, Hay seed dixie, Vatersey boys, Allabama 3 etc.) all in a big top! Remember this is all in ULLAPOOL, with nowhere near the amount of bars/venues as the Toon to host fringe bands or sessions!
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Postby general jack o'niell » Thu Jan 10, 2008 11:18 am

i think the if it aint broke don't fix it post speaks volumes for the attitude, the reason i've always avoided the event is writ large in that comment, i've always thought the whole weekend was for the benefit of the few and the many made what they could out of it, i can't believe that most festival goers give much house room to to styles of music that we get during that one weekend during the rest of their year, oh they might listen to a bands stuff in the run up to it or in the weeks afterwards, they might even be a fan, i have a pretty wide range of musical tastes but until last year and the strangler i've never been tempted to hear anyone taking part, and no, i've never been a fan of the stranglers, never owned a single piece of their work, i just wanted to see what 25yrs had done to them since i last saw them live.

most if their honest will go no matter who is playing, its festival weekend, you have to go, nothing wrong with that, but would you go to glasgow to hear that band, would you go to tarbert? the ones that answer are the ones that will say yes, its always the way, the "no's" couldn't care less, its live music, you go out, you get blootered, you have a good time, heres to next year, in otherwords, they'll listen to any old shite just so they don't miss out on anything, then there the drink, i noticed many who paid good money to get in to the vic to see the stranglers, spend most of the night in revolving queues for a place at the bar, or like myself, shuffling outside for a smoke, yes i enjoyed the stranglers, i enjoyed box o bananas even more, star of the show for me was the guy on the mixing desk, without whom both bands would have sounded gie ordinary and not worth a fiver nevermind £25

why bother paying for a saturday headline if it aint broke, have two versions of survivors night, one wet, one dry, meaning one without a bar, if you can't listen to music for a couple of hours without a drink then you have a wee problem, you could do wot us smokers do and nip out for one, if your not paying £15,000 for a name the loss of alcohol sales don't matter, the whole point of the event is to provide music, theres more local talent than theres ever been in the last forty years, so keep it small as it is or go the whole hog and take it outside into a marquee or two, make it "big" inverary has stolen the thunder a bit and theres the pistols at loch lomond this year, of the three guess which i'll be attending?

your right, none of them!!!!!
general jack o'niell

Postby hoots the scoop » Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:31 pm

Nearly February 2008 and no news of this year's festival......

Bands should have been booked last year and advertising started after the last one.
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hoots the scoop
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Postby Mary G » Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:13 pm

Hi hoots the scoop

I can see the logic of what you are saying, in terms of marketing - and helping people book their holidays 8). We are planning a trip to northern Spain this summer, in early July, and want to combine it with a festival that we went to a couple of years back. We'd love to know who will be playing; however, it will be March before they announce the line-up. And virtually all festivals are the same. Not even Glastonbury has announced who will be there this year!

Check out this site for the latest news and line-up rumours on its forum:

Festival-type bands don't often take such really early bookings as you suggest – straight after the year before. If their 'star' happens to be in the ascendancy (chart success, or their music is used in a film or advert), then they can up their fees. Or even get a good spot at a bigger/ better festival. So they all wait until around now - or even later - before deciding which festivals to do. And see what they can get away with charging.

The MOK festival committee has done a good job in recent years, playing this game of 'book-the-band poker' ;-). It is certainly not easy, and I am sure that they will announce the line-up as soon as they know it.
Mary G
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Postby jock the boat » Fri Feb 01, 2008 2:39 am

as long as its naw hostage

i wid rather bee taken hostage
no 1 will want to play with me once the bloody swimming pool opens. toot toot. except Gen Jack
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Postby bill » Fri Feb 01, 2008 12:28 pm

jock the boat wrote:as long as its naw hostage

i wid rather bee taken hostage

A G R E E D ! :lol:

I see Neil Diamond has been confirmed for Glastonbury,maybe the MoKMF committee should give his agent a call

You never know till you ask.
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Postby general jack o'niell » Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:51 am

was that entirely necessary? what i can guarantee is that they would sound a damn sight better than the sunday night heroes that usually perform at survivors night, oh wait a minute, half the band did perform last year on survivors night, and i'm including the keyboard player in that as he would be added to any future lineup, just as he should and probably would have been all those years ago, had circumstance not broken things up before his planned inclusion could happen.

just you stick to the "one singer, one song" in mcgochans, and i'd advise the majority of last years sunday lineup to do likewise, i widna gie them hoose room, and could gie the frontmen a few lessons while i'm at it!!!!
general jack o'niell

Postby jock the boat » Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:39 am

awa and boil yer heid you coodnae show me ma ain reflection in a hall o mirrors
no 1 will want to play with me once the bloody swimming pool opens. toot toot. except Gen Jack
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Postby general jack o'niell » Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:02 pm

naw when you'd break ah the gless i cudna
general jack o'niell


Postby campbeltonian » Sat Feb 23, 2008 7:33 pm

general jack o'niell wrote:buy a marquee with all that goes with it, there should be funding available to help out, then it can be used throughout the year, its a one off cost, if the fest runs at a loss for a year or two to pay it off then so what, i don't picture it going away so it will eventually be recouped. does the fest as an organisation actually own anything? they hire venues, PA etc, willie supplies lights, so does it have any assets? if not then a marquee would be a good solid investment as would a good standard PA system, they could be hired out during the year to cover costs, if all that they look for is an income to recoup the initial outlay then they could compete with companies who do this professionally. afterall it would only be needed for one weekend in the town.

if the event runs at a loss for a year or two so what? once you have the facility it gives a fourth venue, fifth if the school is used too, just that would effectively double the size of the weekend. the present, somwething for the old folks, saturday night headliner and sunday "everyone will go, cos its traditional" is getting to be a bit insular, no criticism intended, just an opinion looking from the outside.

such a plan would springboard a huge surge in interest from both the public and from bands, i know theres quite a few bands that come every year just because of the great atmosphere generated in the town, having an established premanent outdoor venue would only increase this interest, its probably surprising the amount of bands that would want to return year after year just because its a great place to play, the money side of things would take care of themselves if this was achieved.

oh and i still want the wigwambams next year, jimmyD and the boys are going strong and have just returned form the shetlands where they played two storming nights
im sure a number of buisness men would have a town that would love too help................
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Postby general jack o'niell » Sat Feb 23, 2008 8:25 pm

sorry but that made no sense, not to me anyway, maybe its me and i've been on too long tonight?
general jack o'niell

Postby king of kilcousland » Fri Apr 04, 2008 2:28 pm

Anyone heard of attic lights yet? They're playing at some point this year. Was speaking to them today in college they dont know much about it just that they got an e-mail telling them they're playing at the mull of kintyre music festival, can anyone confirm where and when?
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Postby IainJ » Fri Apr 04, 2008 4:45 pm

That was quick, we only booked them yesterday!!

The Attic Lights have been booked as the support band at the Saturday night concert in the Vic. We have still to sign contracts on certain acts that's why we haven't released the line-up yet.

Below is an article about the band from the Daily Record earlier this year.

Attic On Track To Be Leading Lights

Jan 4 2008 By John Dingwall

ATTIC Lights are the latest Scots pop band on the verge of stardom and are delighted to be getting a little help from Belle & Sebastian.

The band - who recently signed a lucrative deal with Universal Island records - borrowed Belle & Sebastian member Stevie Jackson's 12-string guitar on the recording sessions for their debut album.

Due for release in the summer and with Teenage Fanclub cult legend Francis McDonald pulling their strings as their manager, while X-Phonics label boss John McLaughlin is their mentor, things are looking bright for the band in 2008.

The five-piece outfit - Colin McArdle, Noel O'Donnell, Jamie Houston, Kevin Sherry and Tim Davidson - were originally signed to the X-Phonics indie label by John and recorded their debut album in his Mixing Rooms recording studio in Glasgow's city centre.

Colin said: "We borrowed Stevie Jackson's 12-string guitar for the recording of the album which was nice. We never fell into ascene. When Franz Ferdinand were kicking off, we didn't try to emulate their sound or become scenesters."

I've heard several album tracks and it's no wonder John realised he had no choice but to allow a bidding war to ensue - with Universal Island chief Nick Gatfield making a personal trip to Glasgow's legendary King Tut's venue in order to persuade Attic Lights to put pen to paper.

Kevin said: "We started recording the album with X-Phonics and the album was sounding good, so John got us down to London to do showcases. Lots of labels came to see us at King Tut's, including Island Universal and EMI. "Nick Gatfield, the head of Island, came up.

Afterwards, we went back to the Mixing Rooms and Island seemed to like all the same bands I liked, which was quite cool. That was one of the reasons we went with them.

"We got excited and quit our jobs about two months too early. It's so hard to work every day when you know there is a chance that things will take off with the band.

"My boss was understanding because her son used to be in a band as well. She would give me time off to go to recordings and gigs.

When it was quiet, I would mail out demo tapes.

"We all had to quit our jobs, though, because we were in the middle of recording the album.

"When we signed we became confident and wrote a whole bunch of other songs, which expanded the time it took to record the album but we think it was worth it.

"We can do this full-time now, which gives us the time to practice and write, which means we're not rushing home from work stressed out."

The Glasgow-based band's sound is being compared to everybody from The Beach Boys to Teenage Fanclub and Phil Spector's wall of sound, and even the Bay City Rollers. The lads release a new single, Never Get Sick Of The Sea, on February 4, afantastic slice of bittersweet pop that has also earned them plaudits from Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson, who caught them at last summer's T in the Park.

They hope to head to Japan later this year and are waiting to hear whether they will get to showcase themselves in the US in March.

Colin said: "We're concentrating on Scotland first and want to make sure people here get to hear us. If they like it, we'll focus on the rest of Britain. Every second person is carrying a guitar in Glasgow right now. Everybody is in a band which is why we have Franz Ferdinand in one corner and The Fratellis in another and so many different styles of band."

'We're focusing on Scotland first to make sure people here get to hear us'

The bands web site is if you want find out more about them.

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Postby Bobbie En Tejas » Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:16 pm

I can hear the Beach Boy's influence in this, definitely an early 60s thing going on there.. um... not that I was there, but I've heard.. :lol: :lol: :lol: Should be a good concert.
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