New 'Scots-Irish Music' website!

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New 'Scots-Irish Music' website!

Postby Ptarmigan » Thu Apr 06, 2006 9:46 pm

Hello there,

Dick Glasgow here, member of Co. Antrim group 'Scad the Beggars' who played at last year's M O K M F as part of the 'Dalriada' programme of events.
Must say we all had a ball '8)'

Glad to see that plans for this year's festival are moving along nicely - Blazin Fiddles eh - nice one ':!:'
Though, I'll maybe just leave my own fiddle at home this year & stick with the 'Comb & Paper' :lol:

Just thought some of you might like to know that I have just set up a website which tries to make sense of the great 'Ulster-Scots Music' phenomenon which has taken off here over the past few years.
Being a blow-in myself over here, I'm not entirely sure what it is all about, what it is made up of & what it's roots & origins are so I thought I'd try & find out by setting this site up & inviting local musicians to take a look at the info I have posted there & either back it up or give me the right picture. ':?'

Anyway, if you are curious yourself, you'll find it at:

If you have any questions yourself, after checking it out, please feel free to E-mail me.

Dick :lol:
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