MOKBIKE 2013 -13th OCT 2013

Details and discussion on the MOKBIKE 2015 to be held here in Kintyre on Saturday September 19th 2015 and Sunday September 20th 2015.

MOKBIKE 2013 -13th OCT 2013

Postby russanros » Fri Sep 27, 2013 1:58 am

We are almost at the very latest last cut-off point for entries now so hope we are all sorted, get in touch NOW or sooner if you want to be in it.

We are looking at a reinforced marshalling team this year thanks to the lads & lasses who normally take part plus interest from new sources.

MTB Lussa route has not been popular this year, the 3 entrants have been happy to be on other routes but we are going to try a relaunch of this next year.

The most popular route this year is the Ultimate and Family rides - I think the Campbeltown cycling group and Bikes & Buggies at Carradale need a mention here as they have made many people push the boat out and go for the BIG ride in the knowledge that there is like-minded people who will help those not sure enjoy a full biking day out & huge sense of achievement.

The Family ride has also had a boost from Kintyre freesport entering a fancy dress team, we hope they will get some healthy completion ? we can still enter fancy dress teams up until the weekend?
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