MOKBike 2012: Setting a date?

Details and discussion on the MOKBIKE 2015 to be held here in Kintyre on Saturday September 19th 2015 and Sunday September 20th 2015.

MOKBike 2012: Setting a date?

Postby russanros » Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:24 am

Yes OK its only a day after the 2011 one! :lol: - but whilst we are still remembering what fun it was lets have a quick think about next year.

Leaving aside some of the route signs which is a relatively small issue, that can be addressed easily the most important thing is to set a new date. I have spoken to the Ardshiel and they are keen to be involved in the evebt again.

A couple of people had mentioned earlier in the year, but not sure if we did this when discussing the date for the first one?
- there is a lot of stuff already in the area during the summer months.

-to my mind the weather is not a conclusive argument, the weather this year was superb (albeit surrounded by 'drossy days')

-one person said that people start winding down after the Lochgilphead event nr the end of September.

Our preferences are as follows - but we would like your thoughts?

First Choice, the first weekend of October a week after the Lochgilphead event, people would still be fit and not have wound down too much? - its in school term, we found a fair few people wanted to take part but were away, or were willing to help with organisational stuff, but were away.

Second Choice, the same weekend as this year, there is some argument for keeping things the same,

The arguments for this time of year being,

1) The roads, town and Ardshiel are quiet it is outside peak season.
2) Argyll and Bute are pushing the 14:10 initiative leading up to the Commonwealth Games, although we were involved in this year, we didnt really get the full potential out of it, but could do next year (participating events HAVE to be in October!).
3) It doesnt clash with other events in the town, and has the potential to bring people into town at an otherwise quiet period.
4) Weather is unpredictable, and good weather as on Sunday is an unexpected bonus, put it in the summer (expecting decent weather) and it rains, its a nightmare?

We dont plan to tinker too much with the routes, as we felt from feedback they were generally accurately described.

We'd like to name the routes, on our Yorkshire event we were based in Bronte country so there was an obvious connection there and we had Anne, Emily & Charlotte routes!

We were looking at the islands and geographical features around,
The big route 70/100 mile version (more later!) would become the 'Arran'
The present 33/20 miles could become the 'Sanda'
Whilst the family route could become the 'Davaar'

A mountain/off road route has been requested and if we could get it sanctioned by the Forestry Commission this could become the 'Lussa'
- also a potential for an inbetween route for those who the Southend route is too hilly but the family route is too short -
based on the moss road, square mile & gauldrons which could be named either 'Islay' or 'Jura' or both

-its a small thing but connecting the ride 'locally' does make a difference, possibly more to people from away that do more than one of these types of event per year. :wink: - believe me the 100 version of the 'Arran' WOULD become a talking point nationally :lol: :lol:

Lets set the date first though?
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Re: MOKBike 2012: Setting a date?

Postby saddlesores » Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:40 am


I would suggest that you keep the ultimate route with the name 'Kintyre' being part of it.After all it is being held on the Kintyre peninsula so why rename it with an island that it is not even part of the course.
Lets also have the wearing of cycle helmets as compulsory when competing in any of the challenges.
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