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THE ROUTES IN DETAIL- what you are letting yourself in for!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:34 pm
by russanros
FINALISED Route info as supplied for Macmillan Risk Assesment, and will be advised to Campbeltown Police Station.

Start & Finish for all routes will be Ardshiel Hotel, Kilkerran Road, Campbeltown.

ULTIMATE (approx 70 miles- terrain hilly)

Leave Campbeltown, take A83 through, Muasdale, Tayinloan and Clachan to Kennacraig approx half a mile BEFORE ferry terminal, turn right onto B8001 towards Claonaig, at Claonaig its right again onto the B842 towards Carradale and this road is then followed all the way back to Campbeltown, through Grogport, Saddell & Peninver.

CHALLENGE Harder (approx 33 miles- terrain hilly)

Leave Campbeltown, take the unclassified road out of Campbeltown (known locally as Learside), through Kilkerran, Killdalloig, Machrioch, to Southend, continue through Southend to Keil Point then the SECOND left turn towards Dalsmirren, this rejoins the B842 at Auchencorvie this is followed to Stewarton, turn left towards Machrihanish, then towards the airport on what is known locally as the Moss Road this rejoins the A83 between Kilchenzie and Campbeltown, a right turn is taken here towards Campbeltown.

CHALLENGE Easier (approx 20 miles- terrain moderate)

Leave Campbeltown on B842 this is followed all the way to Southend, then Keil Point as the above route through Dalsmirren and back to Auchencorvie, then straight back into Campbeltown on the B842 omitting the 'Moss Road' loop.

FAMILY & FUN ride ( 3-10 miles - terrain flat)

This is simply round the Loch in Campbeltown, and can include any or all of the unclassified road between trench point (old shipyard) and Kildalloig Bay, the requirement for this is simply taking part.

Re: THE ROUTES IN DETAIL- what you are letting yourself in for!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:53 am
by russanros
Just a quick note to let you know the police are fine with our routes & thoughts, thanks to Ros for visiting them etc :D

Re: THE ROUTES IN DETAIL- what you are letting yourself in for!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:42 pm
by russanros
Clarification of Start Times for the various routes:

Meet 0830 for 0900 set off for the Ultimate
Meet 0900 for 0930 set off for the Challenge (harder)
Meet 0930 for 1000 set off for the Challenge (easier)
Meet 1030 for 1100 set off on the family ride

- we may be able to have a 'second group' of family riders who do one of the longer rides on their own then join their family for a ride round if there is a demand for this?

Mobile Phones:

We have recently been discussing mobile phone coverage in the area, there are places which are not well served by certain networks, and some places that are blackspots for all phones. If you are riding as a group it would be worth pooling your phones of differing networks:
"If travelling in a group of two or more, try and arrange that between you, you have mobiles for 2 or 3 different networks.

If you stop somewhere that none of them work, keep pedalling for a few miles and you may well come to somewhere that does get a signal"

In the event of a serious problem and you cannot get any phone signal look out for the next nearest house or passer by who may be able to contact the organisers by landline on your behalf,

We will give out a list of contact numbers on the day when you sign in.