Crinan Puffer 8.5 - Sunday 16th May 2010

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Re: Crinan Puffer 8.5 - Sunday 16th May 2010

Postby tilly » Mon May 17, 2010 9:48 pm

Sound like you's enjoyed this run. Yes well done Linda, Catherine and Elizabeth absolutely fantastic you's are made of good stuff. Oh and what happened to kenny?
Tilly :D
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Re: Crinan Puffer 8.5 - Sunday 16th May 2010

Postby rabidcabbage » Tue May 18, 2010 6:33 am

Hi Wee Tooners,

Thank You all very much for the kind comments. British Waterways were delighted about the event and they are going to support a second year.

If you did enjoy the event can you please rate it on Runner's World site. We hope to encourage a bigger field next year.

Just in from nightshift. Met Whizzer at 6.30 on the canal bank. I jumped out from behind a bush just where water station one was, believe it or not I had water to give him. It was a real flash back. My son was manning water station one. As I went to grab the cup he threw the water at me. Charming!

Can wait for MOK weekend. Every year its one of my highlights.

I'm away to stick my cold hands on Mrs Cabbage's back!
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