CJRC Potted Sports Decathlon Event

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CJRC Potted Sports Decathlon Event

Postby DJD » Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:03 pm

CJRC will be holding a " Potted Sports Decathlon" Event on Sunday 12th June 2016. The time is yet to be confirmed and will be announced nearer to the day.

We have decide to open it up to other clubs to come and join in a team game event. We hope to attract a minimum of 10 teams consisting of 5 members per team. Male/Female or Mixed.

It is open to 9 years to 16 years old teams, Younger teams must be accompanied by an Adult.

Entrance fee £15.00 per Team (to cover cost)

Prizes will be awarded for the 1st/2nd/3rd Teams plus a presentation of a overall winners Cup.

Here is a blue print to the fun challenges (are subject to change)

There will be 10 events of various skills

1: Bin Basketball
2: Rugby Ball Dribbling.
3: Stack the Jengar.
4: Big Darts
5: Obstacle Stilt Walking.
6: Ring the Sticks.
7: Hockey Dribbling
8: Walk the plank
9: obstacle course
10: Tyre boules.

Entry forms will be come available as soon as possible, but it is our intent to get the event information out as a feeler first as we put the logistics together and to see if it is worth while offering it out to other clubs.
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Re: CJRC Potted Sports Decathlon Event

Postby DJD » Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:41 pm

Here is an insight roughly on how the event take will place, plus an example of a game itself.

1: There will be 10 games, with 10 Teams involved.
2: Each team will have one attempt at each game.
3:Every team will be involved simultaneously, at one of the games that they are taking part in.
4: There is a time limit per game ( yet to be decided).
5: Each team scores points or has a fast time to achieve at each game
6: The team with the highest score or the fastest time will be 1st and awarded 10 points, followed by the 2nd 9 points and so on, per event game.
7: The team with the highest No of points total overall the 10 games, will be classed the winner, followed by the next highest points will be 2nd and so on.

Example of a game.

Bin Ball

Equipment needed.

5 x Golf Balls
5 x Tennis Balls
5 x Rugby Balls
5 x Footballs
5 x Basket Balls

4 x Black Bins.

1:(a) Objective to score points with each of the balls, within the time allocated at the commencement of each event.

2:(a) items

(i) Golf Ball
(ii) Tennis ball
(iii) Rugby ball
(iv) Football
(v) Basket Ball

3:(c) Points are awarded as to the throw and the landing directly into the following bin and it remaining in the bin to score.

(i) Bin 1 = 1 pt
(ii) Bin 2 = 3 pts
(iii) Bin 3 = 5 pts
(iv) Bin 4 = 7 pts

4: Distance
(a) the bins will be set at a distance in a zig-zag position, as follows
(i) Bin 1 = 3m
(ii) Bin 2 = 5m
(iii) Bin 3 =7m
(iv) Bin 4 =10m

5: (a) From a marked position, each member of the team shall attempt to throw 1 ball of each game ball into the bin of his/her choice to score.

6: (a) On completion of everyone throwing each game ball and within the time allocated, the score shall be totalled up and recorded by the adjudicator.

7: (a) Penalties

(i) Any remaining balls not thrown in the allocated time will receive a penalty to the value of the game ball in total, as follows.

(i) Golf Ball......... 1pt
(ii) Tennis ball......2pts
(iii) Rugby ball.....3pts
(iv) Football.........4pts
(v) Basket Ball....5pts

8: (a) The team captain shall be given a score card with the total score of his/her team from the adjudicator marked on it, and it is his/her responsible for his/her teams games score, to reach the control point and be handed in, to be recorded on the master score board. It must be presented, before the next event is signalled, to get the next games underway. Failure to do so will result in minimum points awarded.

Hopefully this will give everyone some sort of idea on how a potted sports event is run. I can assure you it's great fun and ends up being a laugh with a competitive edge to it as the games go on.
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