Blue/Gray genealogy Campbeltown and Saddell

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Blue/Gray genealogy Campbeltown and Saddell

Postby » Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:51 pm

I am searching for people that may be linked to this family tree.

Donald (?Daniel) BLUE married Ann (? Agnes) GRAY. They were born circa 1750. They lived in Campbeltown and Saddell and he was a sailor.

They had 3 children
1.1. John BLUE b. 6.6.1783. (bp.1783). Baptised at Campbeltown. Mother Ann GRAY.
1.2. Mary BLUE (bp.1785-1862), m.1808 John GILLIES. She was baptised at Saddell, Argyllshire, Scotland. They were married at Erskine, Renfrew, Scotland. Mary died at Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland.
1.3. Dugald BLUE (1789-1866), m.1813 Elizabeth MONTGOMERY (1787-1856). Her parents were Hugh Montgomery and Mary Thomson. He was baptised at Saddell, Argyllshire, Scotland, and she was born at West Kilbride in Argyllshire. They were married at West Kilbride on 8 Nov 1813 and they died there.

Dugald and Elizabeth's first born was Daniel BLUE, weaver, in West Kilbride. Their first born, John BLUE, came to New Zealand in 1863, aged 20. He was my great grandfather.

My email is

Robyn Blue
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Re: Blue/Gray genealogy Campbeltown and Saddell

Postby Iain » Sat Mar 17, 2012 4:23 pm

Hi Robyn ! Better late than never we all say ! Lol !
Some info !

Dugald Blue
Birth 1789 in Saddell, Argyllshire, Scotland
Death 1866 in West Kilbride, Argyllshire, Scotland
Married Elizabeth on the 8th of November 1813... Elizabeth Montgomery 1787 – 1856
Two Children :
Hugh Blue 1815 – 1890
Daniel Blue 1817 – 1850

Elizabeth’s parents:
Hugh Montgomery
Mary Thomson

Hugh Blue
Birth 15 May 1815 in Ayrshire, Scotland
Death 1890
Marriage to Elizabeth in 1835 in Ayrshire... Elizabeth Wilson 1814 – 1881
Children :
Daniel Blue 1817 – 1850
Robert Wilson Blue 1835 – 1915
Elisabeth Blue 1838 –
Margaret Blue 1843 –
Mary Blue 1846 –
Jane Blue 1856 –

Robert Wilson Blue
Birth 23 Aug 1835 in Ayrshire, Scotland
Death 27 Nov1915
See photo.
Marriage to Agnes the 25th of October, 1858: Agnes McDougall 1836 – 1904
Agnes Blue 1859 – 1926
Hugh Blue 1861 – 1939
Robert Jr Blue 1863 – 1928
Alexander Blue 1865 – 1950
James Blue 1868 – 1939
Edith Blue 1869 – 1938
William Montgomery Blue 1873 – 1926
Frank Blue 1877 – 1964
Charles Blue 1880 – 1961


With their children Agnes, Hugh, Robert jr., Alexander, James, Edith, William, Frank & Charles

Daniel Blue
Birth 13 Sep 1817
Death 1850
Marriage to Janet the 29th of November 1839... Elizabeth Wilson 1814 – 1881
Children... • Janet Wilson 1819 – 1906
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Re: Blue/Gray genealogy Campbeltown and Saddell

Postby » Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:04 am

Hi Iain

Thanks for your email and photo. It is good have the information on Hugh that I will check is correct in my genealogy information. By the way I have that photo from John Blue Walsh from your line (Boston) who I went to visit a couple of years ago.

Robert Blue and John Blue (my great grandfather) were first cousins. Both left West Kilbride the same year. One to USA and one to New Zealand.

Thanks for your email.

Robyn Blue
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Too Shy To Talk Much
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