Malcolm McNeill 1731 - 1815

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Malcolm McNeill 1731 - 1815

Postby MacNeill » Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:13 pm

I wonder if anyone could help me find more information about my ancestor Malcolm McNeill. He was from Cambletown, and sailed to North America, ending up on Prince Edward Island in Canada, probably aboard the "Annabella" in 1770 (although some stories have him travelling on the brig "Jessie" in 1772 but I can find no record of this ship). He was travelling with his wife Elizabeth and children James (1762-1838), Charles (1764-1838), and Ann Nancy (Agnes) (1769-1843).

I believe he married first Euphemia McAllister in Campbeltown in 1749, having one son John T. McNeill. Euphemia died in 1750, ?in child birth as this was the year John T. was born. I know he married Elizabeth in Campbeltown in April 1751. Marriage record lists her as Elizabeth McNeill, but all the family histories from various descendants describe her maiden name as Campbell, and most believe she was a daughter of the Duke of Argyll. There is no documentation of this, and from the dates and stories it would have had to have been Archibald, the 3rd Duke of Argyll with his mistress Ann Shireburn/Williams I think. Our family stories variously state that the Duke was not happy with the marriage to a commoner and disowned her, or that perhaps she was an illegitimate daughter.

Regardless, I am looking for help finding information about Malcolm -- was he the same that also married Euphemia McAllister, who were his parents, did he have any siblings, etc. I'm hoping to confirm some of this so I can go back further in my family tree.

If anyone has any more information about his wife Elizabeth, that would also be helpful.

I plan on being in Campbeltown for a couple of days in late April of this year and would love to get more information so any guidance on where I would look or who I could speak to would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Steven MacNeill
Kensington, Prince Edward Island, Canada
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Too Shy To Talk Much
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