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Help required to trace Elizabeth Morrison (and a few others)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:59 pm
by quests
Hi all, well I am trying to put together my family tree which consists of many surnames of which one is Morrison, so I thought I would start with her. I have Elizabeth Morrison who was born in 1826 Campbeltown, and died in 1872 Campbeltown. She married Neil McLain and they had four children (maybe more, but I haven't found them yet. I cannot find her parents and wondered if anyone would happen to have some information that might help me.
Here is a list of most of those whom I am looking for and who were born in or around Campbeltown.

Campbell, Agnes Taylor 4 Dec 1899 - Campbeltown
Campbell, Daniel 5 Jun 1904 - Campbeltown
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Flora 1829 - Campbeltown -
Campbell, Isabella 2nd Aug 1895 - Campbeltown -
Campbell, Janet 17th June 1891 -
Campbell, John 1st Aug 1889 - Campbeltown -
Campbell, John 1831 - Campbeltown
Campbell, Margaret 29th June 1897 -
Campbell, Neil 8 Jun 1859 - Campbeltown
Campbell, Neil 24th Aug 1893 - Campbeltown
Carnegie, Catherine May 1826 - Southend
Carnegie, James
Huie, Peter 1918 - Campbeltown -
Lewars, Hellen
McAlastair, Jean
McCallum, Gilbert
McCallum, Mirren/Marrion
Killean, Argyll
McFatair, Catherine
McGeachy, Duncan (1900's)
McIntyre, Archibald
McIntyre, Isabella May 1807 - Craignish
McIsaac, Duncan
Mclean, Agnes 18 Jun 1858 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Alexander 21st Aug 1834 - Campbeltown
McLean, Ann
Mclean, Catherine 12th Nov 1842 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Catherine 1861 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Catherine Scott 1865 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Elizabeth 6th Nov 1855 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Elizabeth Morrison 1855 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Isabella 23rd May 1852 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Isabella 1844 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Isabella 13th July 1847 - Campbeltown
Mclean, James 1855 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Janet 22nd May 1829 - Clachhan
Mclean, John 5th Aug 1808 - Killean
Mclean, John 1863 - Campbeltown
Mclean, John
Mclean, Malcolm 2nd May 1837 - Campbeltown
McLean, Margaret
Mclean, Margaret/Mary 1860 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Marian 9th Feb 1848 - Campbeltown
Mclean, Neil 23rd Dec 1827 - Killean
Mclean, Neil 1853 - Campbeltown
McMillan, Agnes 1929 - Campbeltown
McMillan, Andrew 27 Aug 1892 - Campbeltown
McMillan, Charles 1924 - Campbeltown
McMillan, Charles McLean 3 Mar 1898 - Campbeltown
McMillan, Duncan 10 Apr 1883 - Campbeltown
McMillan, Edward
McMillan, Elizabeth Morrison 20 Jul 1885 - Campbeltown
McMillan, George 1932 - Campbeltown
McMillan, George
27 Dec 1889 - Campbeltown 7 Dec 1927 - Campbeltown
McMillan, Hugh McLean 4 oct 1887 - Campbeltown

Thanks for having a look.

Re: Help required to trace Elizabeth Morrison (and a few oth

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:05 pm
by CaliGal
Hi cousin,

Imagine finding you here. :)

Parents' names are on birth, marriage and death records. Since they married in 1846, her parents aren't likely in that record. So, her death record is the prime place to look.
I have that she died between Jan 1872 (birth of Robena) and 1895 (death of husband). Do you have reason to believe she died in 1872? Based on a search on scotlandspeople, it looks like she died in 1881, but you'd have to purchase the image to see if it is her.


Re: Help required to trace Elizabeth Morrison (and a few oth

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:14 pm
by CaliGal
My aunt's DNA match has Elizabeth Morrison McLean died 26 Jan 1881, and has parents for her in her private tree. Let me hook you up by email.


Re: Help required to trace Elizabeth Morrison (and a few oth

PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:37 pm
by quests

Just found your posts about my Elizabeth Morrison McLean on the Kintyre Forum. Should have looked earlier but been bogged down with helping a neighbour setup an Ancestry account. Anyway, I keep checking your tree for any additional information as well as looking into various forums relating to One Name Studies etc. I have also received contacts via the Ancestry DNA connections and cannot believe how much information I have gathered from them.

Thanks again for all your help.