Gaelic Old Parish Registers in Campbeltown

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Gaelic Old Parish Registers in Campbeltown

Postby parklove » Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:57 am

To The Forum for help:

I have been tracking my Love ancestors through Campbeltown with remarkable success back to the late 1700s.

From about that time the parish records on Scotland's People track accurately with our family records .

The family Lore claims that we came to Campbeltown in the dark days after Culloden .

Our index person is thought to have been a "John Love" universally known by his Gaelic name Fo Chois .

He was a Jacobite supporter and after the battle it was unsafe to return to his old home in Inveraray (close to the Duke of Argyle).

As a refugee he started a new life in the busy port at Campbeltown where fresh faces would not attract attention.

As a Jacobite he would have had little in common with the lowlanders in Campbeltown and I assume stuck with the Highland Church.

Another possibility could be that he was Catholic but I can't find any reference to them in the Catholic OPR.

His second son was Alexander Love (shipmaster) who is buried in Kilkerran with his wife Jane Love

Jane Love (her maiden name) was said to originate from Loves that came to Kintyre as covernanters in the 1600s. Her family is thought to have lived on the west side of the Kintyre Peninsular (known as Larginside) and I assume would have been active in the Lowland church. - (strange that a Love married another Love)

Although I can find no record of their marriage all their children ,marriages and deaths are recorded in the OPR and then statute records.

It occurred to me that old Alexander on marriage may have joined the Lowlanders with his wife and hence the good records from that time.

If the early family records were in the Highland Church and Gaelic are they part of the Scotlands People online OPR?

I am planning to visit Kintyre from Australia in the future and would consider searching the relevant old records in person if that is possible.

Ian Love Sydney Australia
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