Downie's from Campbeltown and Southend

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Downie's from Campbeltown and Southend

Postby Downiefamilyancestry » Sun Nov 02, 2014 4:37 am

Hello - I'm looking for information on any relatives (or their descendants) related to Hector Downie. Hector was my great grandfather and left Campbeltown and his family, around 1889, to come to the US. His father was Alecander and his mother was Isabella (McNair). I know Hector had two sister's: Margaret Downie-Mackay (or McKay) married to Donald who was a seaman living in Campbeltown at the time of their marriage in 1902. I believe Donald's family was also from Campbeltown. The other sister was Isabella Downie-Montgomery and she was married to Robert Montgomery. I know they lived in Glasgow around the time of WWII because she sent letters to my Grandmother at that time and the return address was in Glasgow. I also know that they had two children: Alexander and Andrew. Any help you can give me in locating any relatives or any information would be greatly appreciated. I have documents for a couple other generations of Downie's from the Campbeltown area if you need any additional information. Thanks in advance! Jan Carpenter-Vaughn
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Re: Downie's from Campbeltown and Southend

Postby skrik » Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:39 pm

There's some detailed info on the Downie family history in Angus Martin's brilliant book "Kintyre the hidden past", pages 209-210. Good luck with your research.
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