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Postby Michael JC » Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:51 am

Hi Shona,

Saw the search for McMillan's( that you were doing for Michaela) and saw my Great Grandfather Alexander who was under the children of Alexander and Agnes McMillan. Lately I have been doing some tracking and found out a lot about my relatives. I wish that when I visited Campbeltown back in 1977 I did a bit of homework.

Turns out that my Great Great Grandfather Alexander was scalded to death on September 24th 1908, and in 1911 my great grandparents Alexander and Agnes ( nee Reid) along with Great Great Grandmother Agnes headed to Victoria B.C. Canada. Where his 2 older brothers Donald and Duncan had earlier emigrated to. That left 7 other brothers there in Campbeltown (including Archibald 1901 and Hector 1904 ), and one sister Jessie was the lone girl. My paperwork does not show an Andrew, unless he died in 1901,before going to the farm. They must have moved to the Torchoillean farm in 1901 till his death in 1908. ( got this through archives at Argyll Bute via an email.

Turns out that John, Jessie, Archibald, and Hector also came to Victoria B.C. So that leaves 3 brothers that stayed or went to Australia.

There was never much talking about relatives in Campbeltown when I was growing up, children should be seen and not heard is how I grew up. I would think I have living relatives still around and one day I will head back to Campbeltown / Machrihanish and see who I can locate.
Michael JC
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