Family of Barbara Stewart 1796 - 1870 Kilchenzie/Campbeltown

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Family of Barbara Stewart 1796 - 1870 Kilchenzie/Campbeltown

Postby boba44 » Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:13 pm

Hello, I hope someone can help me with my family history.
I've got back to Barbara Stewart and know she was christened on 29-6-1796 and died on 17-9-1870. She married Dugald McConachy on 28-3-1816 but I can find very little about Dugald or his parents. Can anyone help me here?
I have them 4 children Mary 1821-1887, Andrew b1826, Archibald b1828 and Dugald b1836. Were there any more?
I have Barbara's parents as Andrew Stewart born about 1764 and Catherine McWilliam 10-8-1770 to about 1855 and that they had 4 children Andrew b1791 - 1855, Catherine b1793 - 1852, Barbara 1796-1870 and John 24-1-1807 to 1874.
If you can add to this or think I've gone wrong somewhere please let me know.
I found, Barbara & Dugald, I think it's them, in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 census but their dates and ages don't seem to add up.
I also note that on Barbara Stewart's death certificate her son Dugald has recorded the maiden name of Barbara's mother as Catherine McKillop and not Catherine McWilliam, I assume this is an error.
Many thanks for reading this and hope someone can add to the above.
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Re: Family of Barbara Stewart 1796 - 1870 Kilchenzie/Campbeltown

Postby jane belair » Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:59 pm

Hi - we are decended from Barbara's brother John born 1807. We have a lot of info on this family - if you would like to contact us the email address is or How are you decended from them?? Hope to hear from you - we just spent the last few days down in Campbeltown!! Jane and Donald
jane belair
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Re: Family of Barbara Stewart 1796 - 1870 Kilchenzie/Campbeltown

Postby cgms310 » Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:05 am

Hello boba44,

I too am related to this line (Donald and Jane are my cousins). Like them, I would also like to know how you link to the family.

Here is a small summary of the Stewart tree (of which there is considerably more) for your records:

Andrew Stewart b. 1764 (on Park) married (we believe) 1. Mary McMath and shortly thereafter 2. Catherine McWilliams, but I have no dates for either marriage. Andrew and Mary had three children: Annabella b. Feb 17, 1787, Archibald b. May 12 1788 and Dugald b. May 28, 1790.

Andrew and Catherine had nine children on Park Farm, Kintyre: Andrew b. Jul 24, 1791, Catherine b. Nov 28, 1793, Barbara b. Jun 29, 1796, Mary b. Nov 19, 1798, Donald b.Apr 14, 1802, Ann b. Sep 13, 1804, John b. Jan 24, 1807, Alexander b. Feb 17, 1810 and Margaret b. Apt 18, 1813.

As previously mentioned, Barbara did marry Dugald McConachy. They lived on Ballergie Farm, Kintyre and had eight children: Catherine b. 1817 d. 1890. Alexander b. 1819 d. unk. Andrew b. 1827 d. 1908. Janet b. 1828 d. unk. Archibald b. 1829 d. 1898. Mary b. 1831 d. 1887. Barbara b. 1833 d. unk. Dugald b. 1838 d. 1903.

Notes for Andrew and Catherine's children:
Andrew Stewart b. 1791 married Katherine McWilliam but with no known issue.
Catherine Stewart b. 1793 married Archibald Bowie and had nine children.
Barbara Stewart b. 1796 you already know about!
Mary Stewart b. 1798 marreid Malcolm McMath
Donald Stewart b. 1802 married Janet Smith (emigrated to Ohio, USA)
Ann Stewart b. 1804 died in infancy.
John Stewart b. 1807 married Mary Smith and had ten children.
Alexander Stewart b. 1810 married Isabella Blair and they had eight children. Seven were born on Kilipole Farm, Kintyre (they then also emigrated to Ohio, USA). They sailed on board the HMS Mayflower July 22, 1852 to New York and their eighth child was born in Lochland, Ohio USA.
Margaret Stewart b. 1813 married a Neil McLean and they had four children, only one (Catherine McLean) lived past the age of 24 and married a Mr. Livingstone. No known issue.

I have met some of the Ohio Stewart family.

I am sure Donald and Jane will also give you even more information.

With my best regards,

Charles G. M. Stuart.
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