Baird-McKechnie Clachan

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Baird-McKechnie Clachan

Postby easypeasy » Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:11 pm

I am trying to look into my association with Kintyre. My grandmother who died just after the second world war was from Clachan. Her maiden name was Baird. She was one of a family of six children. The family moved to a farm called Parkhead near East Kilbride some time near the end of nineteenth century. My grandmother got married and moved to Rutherglen. My mother used to recall going to Clachan every year when the school holidays started . She stayed with relatives called McKechnie whose nickname was the Duke and Duchess. In fact my mother used to refer to the woman solely by the name Jeannie Duke. Associated with this family was a person called Mc Intyre whom I met in the early fifties. He worked in a local quarry near Clachan.
I would like to know if the McKechnies are still in the Clachan area and what their relationship was to the Baird family.
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Re: Baird-McKechnie Clachan

Postby Shish » Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:39 pm

The Baird Family were at Parkhead Farm from 1851.Jean McKechnie married Robert Baird in 1860.She was his second wife,he was a widower with three young sons.As far as I'm aware he was born in East Kilbride and seems to have no connection with Clachan.Don't know where Jean (Jane) was born only that it was Kintyre.
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