Kilkerran Cemetery, Matthew Clark 1777 - 1851

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Kilkerran Cemetery, Matthew Clark 1777 - 1851

Postby lindaf » Mon May 15, 2017 9:56 pm

I have just found the record plus a photo of my Gt Gt Gt Grandfather's family grave in Kilkerran Old Cemetery.
I visited the Cemetery 3 years ago when I spent a week exploring my Clark family in Campbeltown.
Please can you help here. Is Kilkerran Old Cemetery the portion that the public can't go into?
However the photo of the headstone is in good condition and the small area shown that its in looks maintained. The reference given is map location NR7219, Image no. 401, Field 1 10.
Might those details be of help for me finding the plot when I come to visit again in June.
The headstone has at its very top the letters RV. Can you help by telling me what that stands for. I have noticed that on another grave too.
The name of my Gt Gt Gt Grandfather is Matthew Clark. Under his name in large writing is "Wright". I knew this was his occupation and it might seem he was proud of this because the headstone has been erected initially for his daughter Mary who died in 1826 age 15. Under her name is his son Alexander, Lost at Sea 1839 age 25, "on board ..."[I can't make out the ship.]
There is possibly another name indistiquishable under this. Matthew himself, with not much room now is in small, died 1851 age 71. And finally his wife Catherine McMillan d.1862 age 74.
Very grateful for any help here!
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