Abbeyfield house

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Abbeyfield house

Postby edwin an jo » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:56 pm

Hello I am Edwin my partner. Is jo we presently live in Knaresborough Yorkshire we have seen photos of carradale looks a lovely place . We have seen Abbeyfield house is for sale and at a pinch mite be able to afford it
it seems to of been up for sale along time . The plan is to foster children. Under 5s sort of respite not sure which way round to do it do we buy the place then find out about fostering or do we get in contact with. Someone. First as you can see I am not the best at the written word so lots of letter writing is something I am not good at . We are not property developers out to make a few quid just want a nice place to live Knaresborough. Harrogate. Area is portrayed as a lovely place to live its not over run with people alot of pompus arseholes women with orange fake tans driving. 4x4 and porbeety lot of homeless lot of drugs. not what it says. on the tin. I am a retired electrician my partner jo worked in care we both now work for the council. Cleaning. Public loos with a dream of gettin away to somewhere. Peaceful. we are looking. For some digs early April so any ideas were to stay thanks for reading Edwin an jo
edwin an jo
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