Developping Kintyre Economically

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Developping Kintyre Economically

Postby Long_Sword » Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:32 pm

Would you be in favour to accept that local economy of Kintyre gets developped with the creation of jobs opportunities?

Proposed idea :

- Algue Plant - can be used for green fossil gas, cosmetic, crop fertilizer - can create a local job of about 20 people
- Developping Campbeltown Airport with newer Connection lines with Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow Prestwyck
- Developping newer or existing Camping sites together with Hotels, BB's and Guesthouses and together with local Tourism by creating walking trails through countryside and forrest trails
- SawMills - Pine trees and other kind of trees can be replanted where they've been sawed - 50 job opportunities incl. lorry and truck drivers...
- Fish, Meat and Fruit Market Place. - Could create over 200 jobs with local products sold on location
- Creating a unique zipcode for each town or rural communities
- Creating a local Hospital at campbeltown and Tarbert
- Renewing the existing Fire Station
- Creating a Beach side walk with local kiosk from Campbeltown to Tarbert and Tarbert to Campbeltown Airport (In Belgium we've got these small vehicles that are used as a leisure activity to cycle through the city, the same could be done in Kintyre.
- Offering a better ferry service from Campbeltown - Ardrossan; Campbeltown Broddick; Campbeltown Blackwaterfoot or Machrie. (All could create 100 job opportunities for sailors)
- Creating more Retailing shops or supporting existing retailers financially with less banking regulations or T&C's.
- Creating an emergency service that could react within the 10 minuts of phonecall based on the fact that local communities would benefitting of unique zipcodes. 5 Operators answering phonecalls ; extra Paramedics + extra Fire Brigade are topping up the existing Emergency services of Kintyre
- Rural Communities such as Glenbarr will see its community growing with new retail services and housing limited to 50 homes. - Local Builders can hire about 20-100 people per scheme including all building bodies
- Having its own council workers for the maintenance of streets, lights, drainage, etc... +40 Jobs
- Kintyre will have its own Economy that wouldn't depend from the County Council of Argyll and Bute.

These investments and Promotions will be supported by my employer. He is now going to start the Procedure to Claim the Scottish Crown and Throne.
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Too Shy To Talk Much
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