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Robert Service

Postby kimhulme » Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:16 am

I'm in Cheshire. Listening to Radio 4 this morning I heard the name Robert Service. That's the name I could not remember of a poetry book I read in a B & B whilst working in Bolton in the mid -sixties. So I used Google to look up the name with that bit about 'half a yard of toilet seat'. It came up with 'Kintyre Forum' amongst others. Wow! I like poetry and have several on Lancashire dialect - being very close to Lancashire there is /was quite an influence in our dialect/accent. It's not easy to read if you don't have in inkling of what words mean; there are many strange ones. Even my locally-born father corrupted words (I think- at least I blame him) He used to say 'neest' instead of nest and 'rot' instead of rat. My granddad called a horse a 'tit' who, born in Lancs , is understandable, but it sounded strange to me if not somewhat rather risqué.
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