Moving to Kintyre

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Moving to Kintyre

Postby sfox2003 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:26 am

Hello there :)

My husband and I have visited the west coast of Scotland for the past 5 years. We absolutely love it there, especially Kintyre and Gigha. Although weve spoke about moving up there in previous years, this year weve started to consider it much more seriously. We have 2 children and feel that if we dont do it now, we may miss a wonderful opportunity to enrich all of our lives.

My husband has the benefit of working for a large IT company and he is home based. So my question regarding this is about the power and the broadband. Is there decent broadband available in most places? Also power cuts, do you have many over the winter?

My children are both primary school age. From what Ive seen most schools are tiny, often with only 10 children. What are the pros/cons of this kind of education? My two currently attend a school of 200 pupils and my eldest is due to move onto a high school with 500. In a school of 10, theyd both be in the same class, however theres 4 years between them, and my daughter is about to start her final year before high school, how do the schools manage this?

I am currently a nursery manager, Ive been a childminder and a classroom assistant, in the past and Im a qualified Early Years Teacher. Is there much work in this area up there or am I likely to need to put my hand to other things (which I will happily do)?

Weather - What are your winters like? Ive heard they can be quite mild, but you do get snow. How does this affect the roads etc? Im wondering if attending work and getting the children to school will often be difficult. Down here where I live (Preston), people are crazy, the snow brings everything to a standstill. Do you get it so often that you just get on with it?

We spoke to some locals whilst we were there last time and they said winters can be pretty boring. No one around, everything shut down etc. Is this the case? Personally I think this is lovely. Lots of brisk walks and cosy fires. Time to spend with eachother rather than getting swept up in constantly feeling the need to be on the go, as is with city life.

We think moving up there would be a much calmer way of life. Wed get to spend much more quality time with our children, if magnificent surroundings. Our lifestyle would change as well. Rather than going to shopping complex's and big cinemas, wed have a boat, go fishing, spend a lot of time on the beach and walking. We'd be able to Island hop at the weekends as well. At home, we could grow our own food, get some chickens. It all sounds very perfect I know, Im sure that there are many things we would miss and find difficult.

Sorry for going on, and thank you for your advise :)
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