End of Winter Triathlon 2013

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End of Winter Triathlon 2013

Postby Campbeltown Tri » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:44 pm

Triathlon is becoming more and more popular within the UK. The London Triathlon - one of the world's most popular - is now had its 11th year. In 2001 the event had 1000 entrants, last year's London Triathlon saw an extraordinary 11,000 entries, and across the UK event organisers say the same thing: more and more people are signing up for a discipline that the observer might conclude is more akin to torture than fun.

After the local Summer Triathlon it has come to our attention that there may be a healthy appetite in the area for more of the same.

If anyone has tried to get on the Adult Improver swimming classes at Aqualibrium recently you will have found that the classes are fully booked and the pool has a healthy waiting list of persons determined to improve their stroke and ability, and the popular uptake has been linked to the Summer Triathlon event.

To help promote Triathlon in Campbeltown and South Kintyre, increase the use of the swimming pool, and grow a summer event, we would like to attempt the organisation of another Triathlon event in mid-March (16th or 17th), to consist of a pool swim(400m/800m or both), 20km bike and 5km run, using the same routes as before, up to Ballygreggan on the bike and down Kilkerran with the run.

We are learning to walk before we run, and the event would be entirely for fun, and primarily for local entrants. There will be no timing chips, or splits recorded, those details would be down to the participants. Whistle, Stopwatch, Pen, and Paper will be used extensively. This would all be reflected in the entry fee, and after any costs, the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Mid-Argyll run a very sucessful event in Lochgilphead and we think that we can do a similar thing in town.

It is with regret that Team Entry will not be permitted for this initial event in an attempt to limit the number of participants to those serious about all 3 disciplines.

If you do want to take part, please don't let this put you off. Training will be required in all 3 disciplines, but some books claim 5 hours a week will have you ready and Triathlon Coaching may become available through Aquilibrium if there is enough demand.

Nothing has yet been put in motion and nothing is set in stone, the purpose of this post is to find out the number of those interested in taking part and those that may wish to also help with the organisation.

If you are interested in taking part, know someone who may, want to become involved or have some suggestions to help make it a success then please contact us on the Forum or send us an email to campbeltowntri@outlook.com

Best Regards

Campbeltown Tri
Campbeltown Tri
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Re: End of Winter Triathlon 2013

Postby weetoonboy » Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:20 am

I posted this on FB, have copied and pasted.

Hi to all,

Unfortunately the planned Triathlon is unable to go ahead on the scheduled date. (17th March) Aqualibrium and ABC require that any race to be held has to follow the proper proceedures and be sanctioned by Triathlon Scotland. This requires a great deal more planning, man power, arse covering and expense than the time available would allow.

I'd like to apologise for the delay in getting this out there but I was getting my ducks in a row.(and I've come back to work, to go on nights) So sorry about that and Id like to thank you all for showing an interest and supporting the idea.

However, Elaine and I have been encouraged by the response shown and we would like to push on and try and get Triathlon established in Campbeltown.

Aqualibrium and the local authority are both very supportive of what we are trying to do, provided its done properly. They are very keen that we try and set up some kind of club or group.

I have been in touch with Triathlon Scotland who are willing to travel to Campbeltown and hold an open night/presentation on Triathlon to encourage participation and the setting up of a club. One responder from TriScot said MOK Run 10k was one of her favourite races and would love to race tri in Campbeltown.
I plan on asking Aqualibrium to become involved in this and host any meeting that may be organised.

I also had a meeting with Mid Argyll Triathlon club last saturday at their community pool and they were extremely positive, and have offered to give continued advice, and technical support, to get multisport established in Campbeltown/South Kintyre and hold with their backing our own sanctioned race.

So we are continuing to plan MOKTri 2013 for later in the year, but a race committee will need to be set up to share the burden of organising and making decisions.

If you are interested in helping out with that, however small, then contact me, or Elaine McGeachy here or at campbeltowntri@outlook.com

A For-Profit company like last years could come and do it, charge a fortune and take the profit home with them, we on the other hand will reinvest it in MOKTri 2014 and grow it, hopefully bring a few people to the town to spend their money.

Elaine and I have already signed up for Triathlon events in the coming year, so we are very enthusiastic, but we would like our enthusiasm to rub off and encourage others to give it a go. You have all shown interest, so we will start here. And hopefully Ive not taken the wind out your sails, as I'd like some training mates.

We would like to set up a Triathlon club locally; but instead of trying to get everyone to sign up as fully fledged members and set up committees, we would like to run a trial block of training nights see how people feel about it and then take it from there.

In my head, and some discussion, this would perhaps consist of a wednesday night lane swimming (Hopefully coached (Eilidh) but I'd need to get Aqualibrium backing for that) and a sunday cycle starting at Aqualibrium before heading out. On return we would have the option of lane swimming followed by coffee and a yarn. This allows people to stay with their running groups if they have one and fit in the other disciplines without too much conflict.

If Triathlon still interests you and you want to get involved please get in touch, this will give me numbers that I can approach the management of the pool with and try and get something put in place.

As an example of what can be done provided there is suitable demand, Mid Argyll Community pool run a nice little session called "Learn to Crawl (16+)" every saturday morning, where swimmers can improve their stroke. They also run "Masters Swim sessions (16+)" for those who have improved their stroke several times a week. This can also be for those who dont want to do Tri but just want to improve their swimming.

Its important to note that even if you, a family member or friend, just want to swim or cycle, we still want you involved. The plan is to have a cycling group established every sunday morning, meeting at aqualibrium and heading out on different routes. We dont care if your Triathlete or just want some company, we want you involved. It raises cycling awareness in the area, just one of the many benefits.

Im at work for a few more weeks, but dont let that stop you from planning to get together.

I hope I've given you enough to ponder, so please get in touch and we will see where we can go with this.


Elaine, Alix, and I are having a block training session on the 17th March, which will consist of all 3 disciplines with the joy of proper clothing, without the rush of transition. Hopefully we have a good little group going then and many of you would like to join us.

Again sorry if your disappointed about the outcome of the planned event, but rest assured I continue to push forward with it, and if you have any questions or want to get involved contact me here on FB or at


Best regards all

David Sinclair
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