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Researching a 'link route' from the Kintyre Way?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:59 pm
by russanros
Before moving to Campbeltown we frequently have done alot of walking on and around the West Highland way and particularly the areas between Bridge of Orchy and Fort William, now that we live here we (and family members when visiting) are actively trying to complete the Kintyre Way, and now looking at a longer term project to walk from Tarbert up to Bridge of Orchy.

Our ideas are as follows: (in reverse order as I will probably meet the other people involved from the train at Bridge of Orchy!) this is still a 'back of an envelope' plan so any constructive comments are welcome

1. B of Orch - Dalmally 13 miles

2. Dalmally to Eredine 18 miles (not sure of B&B availability?)

3. Eredine Furnace/ 8
Furnace – Cairnbaan 15
Or don’t split 10 + 10 Eredine to Bridgend, Minard might be a better split?

4. Cairnbaan – Ardrishaig 9 miles inc start from Crinan

5. Ardrishaig Ormsary 14 miles

6. Ormsary – Tarbert 12 miles

as for B&B availability we are unsure whether to go for just the basic walk and B&B option or strategic use of car and chauffer- anyone done it already?

Re: Researching a 'link route' from the Kintyre Way?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:59 am

Are you proposing that there could potentially be a longer term link up with the Kintyre Way and the West Highland Way? I think that this could be a great idea which would give walkers an option to take another route and see a different bit of the country. After all, Kintyre and Mid Argyll are part of the West Highlands. :D

Re: Researching a 'link route' from the Kintyre Way?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:22 pm
by russanros
Hi Emdee,

I was really looking at it for the enjoyment of my own family, but I suppose it might be popular with others, maybe we'll see how it goes first? Though I suppose it could be submitted to the tourist board if it turned out to be a good route!

-I think there would be quite a bit of road-walking which isn't everyones cup of tea.

Camping yes it would be good idea except some of my family (my parents) consider themselves to be too old for camping, even though they still enjoy walking!

Re: Researching a 'link route' from the Kintyre Way?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:43 pm
by Bob Chicken

When the Kintyre Way was first mooted it was planned to start it at Inveraray. An initial survey showed that most of the route were there already. The consultant also thought that if the start was at Inveraray it might have attracted more folk through to Kintyre in the long run. Argyll Estates and the Forestry Commission were exceptionally helpful and, for a while, it looked quite hopeful. However, funding was tight, there were some problems getting linked up from Ardrishaig to Tarbert, which only extra funding could solve, so the decision was taken to start it at Tarbert and build it up later on when an opportunity arose.

We also looked at the possibility of linking up to the West Highland Way but no work was done on how such a link might happen. Your route looks like it would fit the bill. Now all that's needed is some money - doh!

Re: Researching a 'link route' from the Kintyre Way?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:50 pm
by russanros
Thats interesting Bob, as you say going there is obviously a way to Inveraray along forest tracks and you would have the added interest of Auchendrain and the tourist 'draw' of Inveraray itself.

For getting to the West Highland way that'd leave you with a fair A road walk upto Dalmally as the forest tracks dont look to go right through, I think I'd be tempted to cut accross to Eredine then have the road walk on the quieter road?

We are a long way off yet as we do these walks when the rest of family visits from Yorkshire and so we still have a fair bit of the existing way to do!

With regards to Ardrishaig to Tarbert I was thinking walk round the minor road through Ormsary as the bike route does, though its extra mileage its quite beautiful in its own right, now knowing the area a bit better you could also go round through Achnamara to the Crinan canal and link upto Cairnbaan and into the forest that way.