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Postby Douglas » Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:27 pm

Hi Everyone,

I was recently out in Dubai for a week's holiday there. It was amazing!! One of my mate's moved out there a couple of months back to work for an hotel chain called Jumeriah. They are the same group who own the famous 7 star hotel known as the Burj.

Dubai is a place which is associated with so much wealth and you would think that is expensive but once you are there is so cheap. Everywhere is just luxury and one of the hotel that we went do was an all you can eat and drink buffett for £10. £100 there does a very long way!!

Stephen (my mate) organised for us to go up in a hot air balloon in the middle of the desert to watch the sunrise over the mountains at 6am. This was an incredible experience. We were in 1 of the biggest hot air balloons in the world which can take up to 25 people.

The shopping centres in Dubai are amazing and that big that you have to have a map to find your way about.

We flew from Dublin with Aer Lingus and the total price of a return flight including taxes and insurance was £330 which is fab!!

I'll get some photos put on here so that everyone can see them!!

Next trip is to Australia in Feb 2008!!

Douglas 8)
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