Campbeltown Sunsets 170208

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Postby Ship called Dignity » Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:17 am

Pete Reek wrote:I hope Archie was up early today to catch the sunrise. The sky changed from a deep red to a brilliant golden colour. My camera was getting a charge up so I missed it.
At 07-17 the light over the town was unreal.

Sunset tonight was a brilliant affair, and sadly I had to miss that also.

Cameras charged up and raring to go now, but likely it will be misty tomorrow and the sun will wait in bed :cry:

Like you Pete - I didn't have the camera to hand tonight. Was walking home and one side there was the moon lighting up part of the town and on the other the most amazing sky.

Never up early so leave that to Archie.

See here

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