Kintyre Way Relay

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Re: Kintyre Way Relay

Postby Pans Lass » Sun May 02, 2010 4:49 pm

Well done to everyone who took part yesterday and a huge thanks to the organisers behind it . Another great event to put Kintyre Way and the area on the map .

it was good to know everyone made it back safe and injury free but felt sorry for the teams who got lost on the last leg and added another 6 miles onto their chunk . It was great to be on the other side as a marshal this year but I did miss being part of it so maybe , I say maybe , JS will have two teams next year . :wink:
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Re: Kintyre Way Relay

Postby caro » Sun May 02, 2010 8:00 pm

Was marshalling 5 to 7 and was there to see many great finishes including our very own 'Wee Toon Runners' and the first ultra runner - so impressive - well done everyone :D
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Re: Kintyre Way Relay

Postby elainemck » Mon May 03, 2010 8:14 pm

I was absolutley DREADING my section (Tarbert to Cloanaig) not just because I'd need to get up at 4am on a Saturday but because Tommy and I walked a few miles on the Thursday evening and just realised how tough the rouge was - MEGA HILLS argh!!

But after the first 4 miles of hills we turned left onto the path and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The views were spectacular, team spirit and banter brilliant and home baking at clachan a bonus!

I thought all 3 campbeltown teams did fantastic and was proud to be part of it. Enjoyed the night out to celebrate too although it was no heels for me due to my blisters!

Thanks to the organisers, looking forward to next year!
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Re: Kintyre Way Relay

Postby fiona28 » Tue May 04, 2010 9:04 am

great night at the ceilidh to finish it all of with us 4 jogscotland girls and djd & family representing the locals well on the dance floor - we were danced all night by the other male runners :wink: even tho wee moi and francis were nudged off the strip the willow by the Marathon de Sables lady runner :evil: - the look of shock on their faces was hysterical :lol:

great to be in amongst the other groups, friendly lot they were and many many stories were exchanged, looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. :D

what were you n charlie at rab ?? waiting to be fed?? had your wives abandoned you poor things :lol:
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Re: Kintyre Way Relay

Postby Ninja Mania » Wed May 12, 2010 10:44 pm

Just read the results of this year's race on, its official now, we (The 4x4's) took 4th place. A position that never looked possible after a very poor baton change over on the 3rd leg, sorry boy's maybe next year. 8|

My thanks go out to Tommy Morran, Stuart McGeachy, John Galbraith, Niel John MacPhail, and the man of the day for us Hendrie barbour, everyone played a major part in gaining this teams finishing position so thank you all, it was a pleasure to have you all in my team guy's.
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Re: Kintyre Way Relay

Postby 4th gen Suthen' » Thu May 13, 2010 5:11 am

ahhh, Peter, I'm filling up! :) hopefuly we'll be back again next year.....if selected of course!
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Re: Kintyre Way Relay

Postby Kintyre Forum News » Thu May 13, 2010 7:57 am

Ninja Mania wrote:Just read the results of this year's race on, its official now,

Under Latest News rather than results

Kintyre Way Relay 1/5/10 Provisional results.

Relay Teams

1. 8hrs 38min Dumfries Crocks and Chicks (mixed team of 4)
2. 8hrs 50min Uphill Hurriers, Campbeltown (mixed team of 5)
3. 9hrs 34min Giffnock “B” team (mixed team of 5)
4. 9hrs 40min The 4x4s, Campbeltown (male team of 6)
5. 9hrs 41min Dumfries Ultra Runners (male team of 2)
6. 9hrs 54min JIMLAL (mixed team of 5)
7. 9hrs 55min Giffnock “C” team (mixed team of 5)
8. 10hrs 07min The Breen Team, Dumfries (male team of 4)
9. 10hrs 19min Giffnock “A” team (male team of 5)
10. 10hrs 34min Wynyard Wanderers, Tees-side (mixed team of 6)
11. 11hrs 04min Wee Toon Runners, Campbeltown (mixed team of 6)
12. 12hrs 02min Carnethy Ladies, Edinburgh (female team of 6)
13. 12hrs 29min The Wings, Dumfries (mixed team of 6)
14. 12hrs 41min Jordanhill Runners (mixed team of 5)
15. 13hrs 15min On-the-spot team (mixed team of 4)
16. 14hrs 05min Total Wipeouts “A”, Paisley (female team of 6)
17. 14hrs 16min Total Wipeouts “B”, Paisley (female team of 6)

Individual Ultra Runners (full 66 miles)1. 12hrs 37min Stephen Bell, Helensburgh
2. 14hrs 06min Carrie Craig, Edinburgh
3. 14hrs 10min Fred Hamond, Belfast
4= 14hrs 19min Sue Anderson, Giffnock
4= 14hrs 19min Suzette Vermaak, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
4= 14hrs 19min Scott McIvor, Jeddah
7= 15hrs 09min Karen Donoghue, Alloa
7= 15hrs 09min George Reid, Stonehaven

A total of 94 runners and 70 walkers took part, four times last year’s entry.

The previous record for relay teams was broken by 1hr 03min.
Split times for the 6 sections to follow.

Any errors? Please let me know ASAP, before we publish the finalised results and
print the certificates.

This is supposed to be “Latest News” - perhaps “Late News” would be more appropriate!
The Grand Plan was that most of these results, and the certificates, would be available for the
presentation in Tayinloan at 20:15. Ah well, maybe next year . . . .
Kintyre Way Relay 2011 will be on Saturday 7th May.
If you have a news article or event please post here or e-mail us at - - -
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Re: Kintyre Way Relay

Postby Sport » Mon May 17, 2010 8:45 pm

Full results with split times etc can now be seen at
Please visit the Sports Council's new website and check out our latest news!
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