Cambeltown Stories.

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Cambeltown Stories.

Postby lyntrevor » Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:58 am

Hello Cambeltown,
In my research of Armour ancestors who immigrated from Cambeltown to Australia, including my Grandfather, I have made contact with my Grandfathers elderly nephew who passed on a story told to him by his father Neil Macmichael Armour who immigrated in 1912/13.
Neil said that in the past, Cambeltown had more distilleries than people. It was in fact, in the old days, a site of illicit grog making, with an excellent harbour, protected from the Atlantic Ocean. When the King's men came galloping down the peninsular, up would go the smoke signals, the lads would row out to a ship, lean on the rails and wait until the troops had recovered from the grog, smashed up the illegal distilleries and left. Then back they would row and it would all start over again.
Is there a fair bit of fact in that story? Any more interesting tales out there from the past?
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