Information from Leases and Death Records.

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Information from Leases and Death Records.

Postby cgms310 » Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:49 pm

My brother came across a notebook filled with several pieces of information concerning Campbeltown leases (from the Duke of Argyll) and grave marker detail.

Can anyone identify any of the information here????? This is ALL NEW and I have no idea who half these people are!!!

Here is what I have on the leases which I believe are all Darlochan except the first one:

1770 Charles Stewart 19 year lease
1787 John Kelly Vol 1.65 Middle Darlochan 19 years.
1806 Kelly for 19 years
1825 Archibald Stewart Darlochan West Division latterly possessed by Dugald Stewart removed to Tonriach.
1825 Peter Kelly Middle Division (Peter Kelly[s father was John Kelly who died in 1817. John had 8 sons and 4 daughters.
1863 Alexander Stewart West and Middles Darlochan Vol 20/41

Graveyard information from Campbeltown Cemetery:

Alexander Stewart Darlochan died 14.7.1904 aged 77 years (Cousin ??) of Alexander Stewart.
Also his sister Isabella Stewart who died 19.11.1925 aged 91 years.
Also daughter Agnes Stewart, wife of James Cunningham died December 1958 aged 81 years also his son William McKinley Stewart died November 17th 1964 aged 85 years.
His son Archibald Stewart died 24.2.1968 aged 89 years, their daughter Catherine Isabella died 17.8.1968 aged 86 years.

Dugald Stewart Tonrioch died 7.10.1859 aged 87 years (Dugald would appear to be Archibald's father in law?? who took over Tonrioch in 1825)
Mary Logan his wife died 28.5.1870 aged 48 years. William Stewart died at Tonrioch 29.10.1891 son of Dugald Stewart.

Archibald Andrew Stewart, Farmer, Glencraigs died 21st June, 1880 in his 80th year, his wife Jane died 1889 in 77th year, daughter Jane died 1925 aged 79, son William died in Chicago May 1884, Interred Rochford (or Rockford), USA and Dugald Stewart died 17.5.1927 aged 84 years.

My grateful thanks in advance,

Charles. 8)
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