Clan Pipers :

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Clan Pipers :

Postby Iain » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:54 am

Hi All…

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this in public; but I’m writing a screen play about my regiment at Waterloo.
I certainly discussed it with Shona who helped me enormously with an important question; but I think that was done via a PM.
My question is about Pipers at Waterloo.
FYI… Left Flank (the Light Company) 2nd Battalion The Scots Guards. (3rd Regiment of Foot Guards) was on Wellington’s right flank. ... =43&t=3532
Anyway, my Regiment, the Coldstream Guards plus the Germans held the Hougoumont farm while the Grenadier Guards and Germans protected the outside.

There were Pipers at Waterloo as can be seen in the feature film The Battle of Waterloo ( ... dUffQ92iTE )
…, seen playing at the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball on the 16th of June, 1815. (two days before the battle) The film was principally Russian and filmed outside Rome…, and the band was the Pipes and Drums of the Gordon Highlanders.

My problem is the following:
Despite being a maniac for precision, I am allowed the occasional whim of inventiveness. Otherwise, the film would be too monotonous.
As such and despite RHQ Archives being unable to help, I want a Clan Piper in the farm with one of the Officers.
Lol…, unfortunately, there’s nothing to be found.

At the time, many officers took their Clan Piper with them and they acted as batmen, servants and pipers.
At Hougoumont, we have the Scots Guards being about 75% Scottish (like today) and the Coldstreamers, (as the name indicates) also had many Scotsmen in their ranks. In particular, the Commanding Officer at Hougoumont was the Coldstreamer Lt. Col. James Macdonnell. (spelling variations)

In the meantime, I want a piper ! :)
Can anyone help ?

Thanks in advance.
Yours Aye…, Iain. ... wIJ1RLTwFa
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