Carradale School 1920 locating picture

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Carradale School 1920 locating picture

Postby cliffm » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:58 pm

Hello all,

I found a picture of the Carradale school class of 1920 posted on your forum back in 2010. As normal the image was very small (55kb) and I would really like to find a better quality copy. It contains the ONLY known photograph of the mother of someone close to me. The original message used by user: chuckiebay is below:

If anyone has a high quality scan or can contact chuckiebay I'd be really grateful.

Carradale School circa 1920
Postby chuckiebay » Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:42 pm

Back row L/R: John McBride; Archie Brown; Angus Cook; John Campbell 9Nona); Donald Morrison; Alister Galbraith; Hector McMillan; Johnny McMillan; Donald Paterson(Fergie)

2nd row: Peggy Galbraith; Margt McDougal; Lizzie Campbell; Annie McBride; Jeanie Girgen; Annie W Paterson; Mairi McDougal; Peggy McKinnon;

3rd row: Marion McDougal; Chrissie McKechnie; Flora Blue; Lizzie McLean; Flora Downie; Agnes Brown; Alice Thomson; Betty Galbraith; BuntyMcPherson.

4th row: Walter McDougal; Davey Mitchel; Gibby Nicholson; Duncan Fisher; Alister McMillan.

The teacher was Miss Fettes. ... os/001.jpg
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