Was there a mill in Clachan in the 1800s?

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Was there a mill in Clachan in the 1800s?

Postby robertsond » Sat Jun 28, 2014 7:19 pm

I am trying to determine if there was a mill in Clachan in the 1800s. I have two clues that lead me to think there was. The first is from Frank Darroch's “A Darroch Family in Scotland and in Canada” (1974), in which he writes about Clachan: "In olden times there may have been a dam with a water-wheel and a mill on the north bank of the stream.... Possibly this part of the hamlet goes back much earlier than the rest because it was apparently called Sheanakill...." (http://darroch.org/k_c_d.html).

A second clue is from Scotland’s 1841 Census notes William McLeod's occupation is listed as “miller” and his residence as “Shenikeil.” An 1873 map shows that Sheanakill/Shenikei was a part of the hamlet of Clachan, but I see no sign of a mill.

Do any of you know of a mill in Clachan? If not, are you aware of a Millers' Guild or association in which I could search?
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