Campbeltown Pipe Band members' names finally in a book!

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Campbeltown Pipe Band members' names finally in a book!

Postby backseat » Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:50 am

Hello everyone!
Just want to let you know that in my new book , called PAUL McCARTNEY: RECORDING SESSIONS (1969-2013). A journey through Paul McCartney's songs after the Beatles, the section dedicated to the song MULL OF KINTYRE indicates all the names of the members of the Campbeltown Pipe Band who partecipated in the recording.
My special thanks go to this forum - and in particular to Johnny, 'jdcarra' - who last year got me in touch with John Lang Brown - I'm going to contact him to let him know. Through the help of all of you I finally "made justice", in a way: I personally think that each person that partecipated in that very special session deserved to be mentioned in a book and to be passed down.
Sound engineer Tim Summerhayes shared some loving memories of the recording, which are also in the book.
Everyone could grab the book (I think it's interesting also generally speaking, 'cause it's the first book written in English exclusively dedicated to McCartney's songs after the Beatles breakup) here: ... g+sessions

Kindest regards

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