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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 8:52 pm
by Pete Reek
Yi know 4th Gen yir soundin hoorafa lake that owld cowboy that sometimes cums on here claimin hees best buddies wi a an sundry.
"Mary lookin mighty fine" is hardly a Learside expression is it?
Yir readin too many westerns on thase lang winter nights ah think.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 9:45 pm
by 4th gen Suthen'
Pete, "mighty fine" was a great Southend expression for a number of years....maybe even 3 decades, after being widely used by a certain shop owner of this parish...yep, to ALf Grumoli everything that was good was "mighty fine".

I know that Cooboy character you refer to, think maybe he uses that expression too, but sure all the Cowpokes out in Texas are mighty fine......... 8)

PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2006 4:10 pm
by judge roy bean
oops, sorry bout that, didn't mean to imply that mary was included in the rough category, not at all, she looked hardly a day older than when she left school (don't think that'll work, but it's worth a try!!!)

saw george on telly talking bout pete burns last night, not a pretty sight, pete burns that is, george was looking as dashing as ever with his new beard

freedom!!! you sons of bitches

So how was Geroge?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 1:30 am
by Mary G
Take it you made it along to see and hear him, Tom. Would be interested to know how it went.


For the attention of the Judge

PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 1:55 pm
by Mary G
Just re-read all the posts here, including those from the Judge on reunion pictures (not much to do with George Galloway, I realise!). The only person to whom photos were sent was Morris Shaw … no-one called Roy. So maybe Judge Bean could ask Morris to pass them on. In case Morris has not got them any more, or maybe the Judge doesn’t know Morris, then the Judge can pm me and I can direct him to a public picasa picture site with the reunion pictures on it. Was there only one camera used that night?

I will ignore all the comments about which females looked better … other than to report that all the women there commented on how, in general, the women had retained youthful looks more successfully than the men. ;-)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:56 pm
by Sweltered
Mary, I may be wrong but if you sent the pics to the screen name Morris Shaw, that's not him, that was opened by someone else posing as him.

Not that he's not a poser himself :wink:

PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 6:49 pm
by Mary G

I was not taken in by this imposter! The pics were sent eons ago to Morris, via an e-mail address he had at the time (and maybe still uses, however, not sure about that).


PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 12:35 am
by peaceseeker
Yes, I love George as well. Very interesting man.

Here he is practicing his moves for the office Xmas party...

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:19 am
by Bobbie En Tejas
Oh, I forgot about the Big Brother acting like a dog on all fours.... and I could have done without the long john visual :lol:

Really bad when it looks like Dennis Rodman is the sane one..

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 10:36 pm
by Tom B

He was excellent. Covered everything from childhood in Dundee, early labour party activity, first awareness of Palestine, life as a labour MP, expulsion, Paxman, US Senate, Iraq war, Bush, Blair, Big Brother...

On Paxman - he said that he doesn't care what Paxman says, he's not talking to Paxman, he's just using Paxman to speak to "the people"
On US Senate encounter, he said his only preparation was to decide on a style, whether to go for a Mike Tyson bashing, a Muhammad Ali "floating/stinging" approach, but opted for a Rocky Marciano - blow after blow after blow - constant thumping. He said that was the extent of his preparation. It was quite interesting because as he talked he was giving some of the soundbites from US Senate verbatim "in everything I said I was right, and in everything you said you were wrong and 100,000 paid with their lives" and sometimes a variation or linked with some other point, but always delivered with the fluidity of the Senate performance. The US Senate performance was just the iteration he happened to say on that day. he spoke with the same intonation and passion as he did in the senate and it was quite something to be sitting in a small church in scotland hearing him deliver with equal conviction to us, what he delivered to the senate.
On Big Brother - he said he did regret some of it, he said before he went in he thought he could sit it out, beat big brother, and just create a novel in his head. But he said after a few days in there, all you can think about is the other housemates, and you lose control.
On the Iraq war, he said that he told Tony Blair what would happen, and that TB didn't listen.
On whether Saddam should hang, he said that he is against the death penalty for anyone - full stop. However, all other things being equal, and putting his personal views on capital punishment to one side, he was indifferent to the ultimate punishment that Saddam is subjected to.

He talked a lot about social injustice, about large multinationals profitting from workers in Bangaldesh, about the unfair treatment of pensioners in the UK today "these are the people who defended our country."

That's only part of it, but all in all, an interesting and enteratiing evening, and the first time I've arrived at church (which I don't do that often in any case) to be greated by 4 uniformed police front and back of the church (and a couple of heavies inside)!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 12:30 am
by Bobbie En Tejas
A very interesting person, intelligent, a little eccentric, not afraid to say what he thinks and makes sense.. sounds like the kind of people I like to know.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 3:26 pm
by bill
Like him or dislike him,he says what he means and means what he says.Unlike most politicians.

Re: George Galloway

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:00 pm
by Sweltered
So George returns to Paliament :lol:

Re: George Galloway

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:34 pm
by Govangirl
Well, I seem to be the only one who is shocked at the lovefest on here for Gorgeous George! Yes, the man has charisma, he is a great orator and he certainly has conviction. BUT this is a man who was kicked out of his previous constituencies for doing nothing. This is a man who was rejected by Scottish constituencies and who at one point lost his deposit there recently. This is a man who has a history of ignoring human rights abuses, i.e. Assad. This is a man who rejoices over the clerical regime in Teheran yet heaps scorn on Israel for its actions.
Don’t you just love the lazy electorate in this country who don’t even try to find out what a candidate and their party actually stands for?
You can’t blame the folk of Bradford voting for change but they’re not going to get it in Galloway who will spend all his time spouting off about dictators and Islamic fundamentalists. The best thing about this is that he has stirred the Westminster Clan, I’ll give you that, but seriously, who would vote for any of these politicians now? The blame lies with the three main weak parties, LibLabCon, for creating a situation in which GG (oh no!) is seen as a serious alternative. I’m glad he’s p***ing them off at the moment but he’s not a solution to this bunch of shysters that’s for sure!

Re: George Galloway

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:34 am
by gizmo
Absolutely spot on GG. Odious irritating man, but come on, he is the only bit of colour on the political scene at the moment.
Hard to believe it was 6 years ago he was on Big Brother. Snag is when the biggest issue in Britain is the pastie crisis, he couldnt really fail in Bradford West on an anti-Islamic war ticket. :roll: