Sir James Saville

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Re: Sir James Saville

Postby ionnsaigh » Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:27 pm

I remember reading some criticism of Prince Charles, an allegation of sexually abusing a man servant. Now one can argue that this is pedophilia, however Saville's case throws up something else in the mix, the total moral dysfunction of those that make up the ruling class. They will use every weapon at their disposal, to distance themselves from these allegations.

The media - Well they will rely partly on those loyal Union Flag wavers, those defenders of the great and the good, who read every word, completely open to anything that reinforces their own twisted sense of morality. One wonders what the Royal Family makes of the Saville affair, or for that matter the Archbishop of Westminster. The Royal Family, claim the moral high ground, particularly by being joined at the hip, with the Church of England. Yet her subjects hear nothing.
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Re: Sir James Saville

Postby four eyes » Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:22 pm

A interesting week,wexners right hand man still evading justice.As is his royal chum. Maxwells girl still at it,and so much more!
Anyone care to say i was talking shite all those years ago? Sex is only part of this,perverting the course of justice is whats got the Palace all hot and bothered. Epppers got a short sentence,normally around twenty odd years for what he was found guilty of.Guess who was lobbying hard for an old chum? The FBI have the paperwork and someone might end up with egg on their royal chops.
I did say you would never believe what really goes on as regards these sick pervs.There a lot more to come .

Note the usual howls of protest and disinformation,plus character assassination of the girls involved. Remember Eppers was threatening witnesses and other nice tactics in the run up to his trial. Seem familiar to you? Its called a pattern and only total fools cannot see through it. Murder,blackmail and the stuff of nightmares is their stock in trade,so get over it and start to see it for what it is!
Happy New Year kids.
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Re: Sir James Saville

Postby ralstonroy » Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:09 pm

Always in agreement with you foureyes.
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