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Postby ionnsaigh » Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:21 am

That is a big number in anyone's language, it's equal both to the number of people living in India, and one hunter killer class, nuclear powered submarine. But hey, we apparently need not One of these costly boats, but Four. The bill will cost £4.8 billion or the equivalent of another Three of India's population. Can we afford this astronomical amount of our money, can we in anyway justify, lavish luxury in these times of harsh austerity ? After all, this investment is for your safety, the missiles can reach Tehran in minutes... nae bother.

Oh before I forget, there is a plan to dump old radioactive waste in Argyll and Bute. Old in radioactive terms is equivalent to the ancient Egyptians burying the waste then, and today's Geiger counter going off the scale.
Nice wee keepsake for our future generations.
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