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Postby gray_marian » Sun Apr 12, 2015 10:46 am

A barman used to put up a $100 bet that after he had squeezed a lemon no one would get a drop out of it. For awhile he took everyone's money. Then one day a little thin bloke with bottle top glasses and a screwed up face came in, he ordered a beer, and as he looked around he saw the notice about the bet. "I'll have a $100 on that" he said, the barman came up and picked up the lemon in his huge fist and squeezed, his arm muscles knotting;you could hear the pips crack,
when he had finished the little man picked it up and squeezed and three drips of juice came out, the barman slapped the $100 on the bar and asked, "What the hell job do you do" I work for the tax office.
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