£40 Pounds!

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£40 Pounds!

Postby gray_marian » Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:46 am

Chap catches last train from Glasgow drunk as a newt.... Just before his stop he throws up all over the front of his suit.
'Gawd' he blurts out 'the wife will kill me'. Guy opposite says 'stick a £20 pound note in your top pocket, tell her someone else did the dirty deed and gave you the money for dry cleaning...... Husband likes this idea and agree's....he put's the money for cleaning into said pocket.
'Thanks' says drunk, and heads home........On arriving ring's doorbell and the wife goes ballistic when she looks at the state of him. '........Don't worry' he explains, a guy on train was sick all over me but gave me £20 for cleaning. His wife removes money from top pocket.... and states 'But there's £40 pounds here!? ' ...................Husband replies 'Oh yeah............... 'He 8hat in my pants as well'.
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