A very old one

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A very old one

Postby Martin » Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:43 pm

Just re-discovered this, it always made me smile.

A frog goes into a bank in search of a loan. He approaches Patricia Wack who deals with the loans in this particular bank and says "Hi, I'd like a £10,000 loan as I am doing some home improvements and need some help financing them." Patricia is a little bemused, as it is a frog asking for a loan, but she is a polite lady and so continues with the usual procedure: "We will need some form of collateral in order to issue you with a loan" The frog replies "I thought you might say that so I have brought something with me" and hands Patricia a small, pink, shiny china elephant (the likes of which you might find at a jumble sale). Patricia's bemusement grows: "I'm not sure that we can accept this, do you have any other form of collateral?" The frog appears mildly frustrated: "Come on, my father is Mick Jagger and all I only want a £10,000 loan." So Patricia excuses herself and goes in search of the manager, when she finds him she explains the rather bizarre occurrences: "There's this frog asking me for a loan and he's given me this small, shiny, pink elephant as collateral – what am I supposed to do!?!" To this the manager replies: "It's a nick nack, Patty Wack. Give the frog a loan. His old man's a rolling stone."
Ouch !
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