Looking for sea-fishing

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Looking for sea-fishing

Postby Ruben » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:12 am

Hello everybody again

My name is Ruben, 32 and from Switzerland.

I`ll be from the 9th till the 19th of September in Crossaig, together with my girlfriend and our lovely resuedog Szuri (who ever is wondering, she even has her own Instagram Account).

Now, i`m a very impassioned fisherman back at my place. As well i got some nice catches in Norway last year.

:arrow: So could you recommend me any places from off the shore?
:arrow: Any advice where to rent a boat for a fishing-trip?
:arrow: And could recommend a fishing guide who knows the spots or do`s some tours?

As well i`ll be glad about any further information's, such as which baits work well etc... I`m impassioned in fishing, but still kind of unskilled, especially when it comes to sea-fishing.

Many thanks in advance and we `re really looking forward to visit Scotland for the very first time... (well i used to life in London for about half a year, but that's ages ago, and never left the city *shame on me*, but loved it there)
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