A folklore question on bochans!

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A folklore question on bochans!

Postby LauraC » Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:56 pm

Hiya! I came across this forum whilst researching the folklore of the bochan, I see that bochans get a lot of mentions on this group, and hello to 'Bochan Mor' if he or she is still using the forum :D

I'm curious to know if bochans are a part of the folklore of Kintyre? Most of the mentions I've found of them so far seem to be around Nova Scotia and The Isle of Lewis, and descriptions seem to vary a lot between ghosts, spectres, shape shifting creatures, and goat like creatures! Would love to know what bochans mean to the folks of Kintyre, if you'd be willing to tell me? :D

Down here in Northumberland we have brownies and brags but I don't think the bochan made it down this far unfortunately (or fortunately!) :)
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