Old nicknames.

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Old nicknames.

Postby Tommy Ralston » Sun Jan 24, 2016 11:12 am

I suppose you already have this, but - - - just in case!

Campbeltown nicknames.

There was Plooman and Pelt, Purba and Foals, Stubbles and Sooryins, the Phantom and Coals.
Blighty and Benjie, Beefy, Moggans and Sticks, Drinks, Ghurka and Scrags, the Hoodie and Tricks.
The Gannet and Shoo-Shoo, the Bomber and Gump, Latcher and Comic, Rockall and Stump.
There were wonderful tags such as Whispering Grass, Boorker, Hibs, Chocolate, the Crooban and Brass,
Take Waistcoats and Loafs, Links, Lofty and Lanky, Rabbits, the Whippet, Moose, Peasoup and Stanky.
Helpless and Hopeless, and Useless, how droll, and Suet, the Waltzer, Sambo, Tec and Moll.

Dannikers, Jonnikers, Jamiekers, Skate, Wisp, Porter and Bauchles, Skutz, Pan-cod and Nate.
There were other weird tags like Slops, Doink and Dilly, Doopy, Buzz, Sugar, and Slingem and Crilly.
Then Shillings, Skeenks, Heenga and Nae Soap at Aa, Cudgie and Sna-Ba, Slaines, Pluff and Rab-Ha.
There’s Nip and Nigger, Wompi, Besta and Keil, Rashers and Orange, DeBohun and Wee Peel.
Auld Eck and Neengie, Naissy, Neep and Tolla, Wee Heck and Big Heck, Puggy and Swallow.
Also Luffy and Leggie, The Hoose and the Dog, Joss and Joskins, Mochan, Murlins and Mog.

Even the dames come in for queer quips, such as Senorita, London Kate, The Basher , Biscuit-hips.
The Blister, Dublin Molly, Apple Suzy and Sleepy Annie, Sweetie Bella, Teapot-Eye, The Pirate and Wee Granny.
Sarah the Juck, Strings, Smokes and Katie, Tarry, Sailor Jeck, Silver Tie, Grozet Hole and Wee Carrie.
There’s The Rat and Wee Shavings, Whitings and Candy, Boorax and Kipples, Nuskas and Handy.
Bottle-Neck and Jamaica, Old China and Noon, Banana and Hitler, Cob, Cooma and Toon.
Cuddins and Puddings, Pop, Sookers and Kilty, Rover, The Hoadler, Creel, Klondyke and Shultie.

The Stallion and Monster, The Clincher and Cheepy, Wee Sparrow and Jiggs, Gipsy, Tidy and Teepy, The Chief, The Scout, Chase, Puggy, and Rootie, The Jerker, Mons Hero, Giant, Cutty and Tooty. There’s The Count, Kubla Khan, Bunkum and Monkey, Knuckler and Fog, Big Glaxo and Spunky.
There’s Hairy, and Long-Pipe, Captain and Wee Cockie, Tubby and Takem, Scrobbans and Shocka, Butcher and Cruger, Hen, Dobbie and Spook, The Jazzer and Trunky, Spotty and The Duke, Also Soda and Smeesh, Wee Shimmy and Crow, not forgetting two Tukys, Big Ebb and Wee Flo.

There’s Soap, and Nut, Big Boorpa and Neep, Wee Heelan and Dreesh, the Gum, aye and Sheep. Chuckles and Olly, Scraich, Nunks and Buster, Heckla and Baish, Big Shooba and The Duster, Also Pin-Heid and Dolly, Plimsol and Crusoe, Stewey and Humphy, Carnamp and Spoe.
There’s Nippy and Aitchy, Nong and Banty, Baldy and Tin-Lum, Ibrox and Chanty, Wee Teetums and Tottie, Tullet and Drew, Eekie and Narvik, Peter the Lamb and Oogy-Screw. There’s Lipton and Tit, Mussels and Maxi, Big Cummy and Wee Caimey, Sapples and Paxi.

The Eel and Doodles, Janitor and Buller, Big Crackers and Wilks, Dosh and The Duller, There’s Eenow and Spotchy, Big Axe and Spud, Omelette and Ingans, Unconscious and Bud. Also Doolie and Jorta, The Coffee-Cooler and Bhan, The Junk and Hopper, Chips and Culla-Dan.
Angus the Bear, Badger, Boozer and Beaver, The Blue-Fellow and Dorie, Glundy, Sheenie and Keever, Also the Purr and Juba, Screwtops and Dochie, Scone and Malinks, Gleerie, Dinah and Brogie. Puddle and Snobs, Clachan, Ancient and Moe, Tidy, Try, and Teedilty, Dodger, and Poe.
There’s The Rule and Bobbans, Pockets and Beck, The Tank, Wee Gunner, Stocks, Rufus and Steak.

Old Guspie and Yobbie, Sprusher, Oddyins and Porkie, The Hun, Keelum, Noddy, Bilum and Corky.
Also Stoinks and Cats, Wee Biley and Whitey, Old Dubbs and Magoo, Neil-the-Bugger and Shitey.
There’s Cully and Cubby, Echo and Cute, Teenie and Florie, Madrala and Scoot Wee Bully and Buffa, Scrooks, Mucka and Slim, Captain Ankles, Mylav, Cooky Dan, Jock the Bum, There’s Kaiser and Sookie, Parrick and Puff, Wee Bushums, The Boot, Greenyins and Muff.
There’s Fudgy and Fabrico, Sweater and the Cuddy, Coogy and Googy, the Moudie and Ruddy.

There’s Gless-heels and Scart, Shelsie and Fanta-Coo, Lourie and Rip, Doosan, Stray and Mad-Carew.
Also the Wurzels and Mot, Concord and Cock, Bugo and Bung, Roarin and myself, Jock-Ock.
Another one or two, to give you a thrill, such as Knickers and Vest, and Diamond Lil,
Tweeger-Heels, Tear-the-Blouse, the Goddess and Pussy, 1Tartan Drawers, the Pencil, Chinny and Cushy.
Another few names to join the Shower, like Tootsie and Snow-white, Moaning-Minnie and the Flower.
There’s The Drake and Jeely, Chunky and Cheery, old Cha-Cha and Chooky, Caddy and Tuke-Aleerie, Johnty and Bunty,

Wabbits and The Rancher, Delaney and Gunga, Porter and the Gancher, Stonewall and Tuppence, Moshie and Mucka Fee, Crompans and Cramer, and Big Sandy-the Bee.
Now I’ve come to the last, of names of the past, such as Sculla and Oakie, Basil, Bender and Blabs, Big Stubby and the Bolt, Towser and Dabs, Old Bosun and Dozer, Buffalo and The Boar, There’s The World, and Tripe, Big Tucker and more, not forgetting The Peeper, Big Tata and Boom.
What fancy nick-names in oor Wee Toon.

Composed by John (Jock-Ock) MacIntyre.
Tommy Ralston
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Re: Old nicknames.

Postby Tricky2 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:16 pm

Some characters there !!!!!!!!
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Re: Old nicknames.

Postby Bitter End » Sun Jan 31, 2016 8:56 am

Thanks Tommy - I have not seen 'that' in a wheen o years OR wis ther anither such ?
I used to wonder if anyone let go the quay wi ther given name !
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