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Postby Ranald » Sun Mar 05, 2006 10:32 pm

Frosty wrote:Hi Ranald,
The thing about weekends like T in The Park is that the great diversity of the music ,which is present , allows you to plan your weekend to see whatever bands that you like.
I'm positive that your Generation are aware of more than one song from such a big band as The Who.
The music that The Who have produced has spanned a lot of generations .
Whether you're at the mainstage when they headline or not will not deter from the fact that The Who alone will sell out the Sunday and perhaps the weekend.
What matters is that you enjoy your music.

I'm not arguing with that at all, just saying that I'm not into The Who at all.

I'm sure they don't give a toss which stage I'll be at either as there will be thousands of people who do want to see them.
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