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Wicked Tinkers

Postby dgraves » Wed Feb 08, 2006 10:49 pm

Has anyone heard the Wicked Tinkers?
I did for the first time on the Craig Ferguson Show. His dad had just died and Ferguson had returned from Scotland three nights ago.

His whole show was verrry unusual for Late Night TV. Instead of his usual comedy routine as a first act, he eulogized his dad. By the end, you felt you could see the old man up there on stage. He was a postal worker in a tough area of Glasgow. It was a powerful performance. Ferguson's brrrr got so thick telling his story, if I hadn't been reading on here for awhile, I wouldn't have understood him. It was very emotional.

For the music that night he had the Wicked Tinkers perform. They were awesome!! They are American, out of California, but have dedicated their musical abilities to Highland and Gaelic music.


Jan 8-The Wicked Tinkers just added the whole performance of the Ferguson show. Click on the video portion at the top. Takes a sec or two to load.
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