Argyll County Cup 1948 - details...

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Argyll County Cup 1948 - details...

Postby Ship called Dignity » Tue Aug 16, 2005 12:15 am

My auld man gave me a bundle of photos and cuttings etc at the weekend and some of it is really really interesting.

My grandfather, Wattie Paterson, was secretary for the Campbeltown and District Junior Football Association and my Dad often commented on how he was great at documenting everything. Unfortunately after he passed away my Gran threw out most the stuff - unaware then of what great interest it would be.

Anyway, I have his book from 1947-48 and here is just one page from it (if anyone is interested!)

In hand writing....

Argyll County Cup

Presented by Major Duncan McCallum MP

First Round Saturday 15th May 1948

Drumlemble 3 v Glenside 2
Kintyre Park, after extra time, referee A Mustarde


Semi Final

Hearts 2 v Ranges 1

Wednesday 19th May Referee A Mustarde

Drumlemble 1 v United 2

Saturday 22nd May RefereeJ Burgoyne



Saturday 5th May 1948

Referee Mr C Duffy

United 1 v Hearts 0

Kintyre Park - Gate £20

Winners of Cup

United FC

Just shows you how many people attended the game when £20 was the gate money....(was that you Robbie? :wink: )

Don't know what anyone else thinks but I find all of this very interesting... :lol:
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