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The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:07 am
by Sheik Yir Erse
Every man and their dog seems to have an opinion as to how Scottish Football should be restructured..... just wondered what the thoughts on the Forum were?

Retain the status quo?
2 leagues of 10?
1 league of 18?
1 league of 16?

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:28 pm
by TYM
The size of the League will make no difference in my opinion.

There are no easy answers and no quick fix. The one thing I would try would be summer football. Not a winter break but a full March to November season. There is no point in worrying about a clash with European Championsihips or World Cups as the way things are now there is very little chance of us qualifying in the forseable future.

To-day I should have been at Easter Road. Two years ago I would have been. What has changed? Well I treated myself to SKY and ESPN 15 months ago and today I watched part of Arsenal v Leeds and then Stevenage against Newcastle from the comfort of my own armchair instead of battling through wind/sleet/snow and spending upwards of £100 on my day out.

I love watching the coverage provided by the satellite broadcasters but at the same time I feel it is slowly strangling our game. What is the incentive to endure harsh winter conditions, not knowing sometimes if games are on or off, and to see an over-priced inferior product at the end of it? How many Scottish football fans now follow the fortunes of Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal rather than a Scottish Club?

At least if football was played over the summer, the spectator conditions for the most part would be more agreeable, the playing surfaces will be better which hopefully will improve the standard, the teams would be more prepared for the early rounds of European football and therefore our co-efficient should improve. I think it may also be more attractive to broadcasters too as there would not be the same competition from the superior Barclays Premiership for much of the season and it may also entice additional English viewers in need of their football "fix" during the close season.

It seems to have worked in the Republic of Ireland and I do not think we have anything to lose. Sadly I think it will be a case of tinkering around the edges and we will be back in 5 years time discussing the same issues again.

Despite all this I will be in my usual seat for the televised match at Easter Road next week for our 12 noon kick off. Kick Off times are another grump but enough is enough for one night.


Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:43 pm
by peenkles21
Just read tym's post. Its basically summed it up perfectly!

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:04 pm
by Hume
TYM wrote:There are no easy answers and no quick fix. The one thing I would try would be summer football. Not a winter break but a full March to November season.

I agree with you on that TYM. Out of interest, when would you prefer to see the Scottish Cup Final played then? I know it might not always have been the last game of the season but it has been so long as I can remember. It would feel strange, if not entirely inappropriate to have it around St Andrew's Day I reckon.

Incidently, I would prefer to see 18 teams in the top league - a straightforward 17 games at home and 17 away. Never going to happen though. What is the point in increasing/decreasing by 2? Football, particularly the SPL is not run for the fans, hence the reason the crowds are probably the lowest they have ever been.

I'm just as guilty, this year I've been to Ibrox, Hampden and Recreation Park to see Aberdeen. In previous years I might have gone to around a dozen away games and up to Aberdeen 2-3 times a season.

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:31 pm
by TYM
Scottish Cup Final on or around St. Andrew's day is a great idea.

I was at my first away game of the season on Saturday. Normally by this time I would have been at half a dozen. Just as well we won as the game was rubbish and it was absolutely freezing, but then it is February. Crowd of 3,505 of which 600 were Hibs supporters.

If you think crowds are low now, wait until you see what they are like next season and the one after that. Now will seem like the good old days. You are right Hume, football is not geared to the fans anymore and until the football authorities and television realise that without fans there is no marketable product, then all this short-termism is not going to bring about any improvement in Scottish football

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:59 am
by Sheik Yir Erse
If you can be @rsed reading this and commenting I'd appreciate it...........

Why don't we just try to make some changes! Some will work, some won't - but the current 'product' (and I hate that term) is Colin Nish!

* I would definitely go for summer football - It might actually increase any future TV deal, as people "Down South" may now have a reason to keep their Sky Subscription during the summer as there would actually be football to watch (a big problem for Sky). Problem here is the Old Firm - they earn a fortune from lucrative pre-season friendly tours/touranaments in London / US / Australia, etc.

* I'd make the *SCOTTISH* Cup for Scottish players only (don't know if that would work legally) but at least it might get the Old Firm bringing thru some Scottish players. I would leave the UEFA qualification for this reason.

* I'd make the League Cup regional based leagues - with the top teams of each league going to semi/quarter final. I might even be tempted to play those regional games as shorter format (45 mins) over a compressed period of time (similar to a pre-season friendly format) ie. team might play 2-3 games over the course of a weekend at one location Reduces cost on teams / fans and I'd happily go along and watch 2-3 games, one after another!

* In the winter shutdown I'd get the Scottish based members of the National Team together for 1-2 month training camp! How good would we be if the National Coach got to work with the players for that amount of time (remember Hiddink had the South Korea team for 6 months solid ..... and they got the semi-finals of the WC!

* Have a "Tennents 6's" league during the winter, at arenas all around the country - with a final before the season started.

* I would do away with Season Tickets to allow clubs the ability to vary prices. You may pay an upfront "membership fee" which entitles you to buy a ticket for each game (and gives the clubs guaranteed money) . But "protecting the season ticket holders" prevent clubs from making certain games a fiver!

* Anyone under the age of 14 gets in to ALL grounds for free.

* Either bring back the reserve league, or allow reserve teams to play in the lower leagues (no cups and no promotion to SPL allowed) Or allow large SPL teams to have agreements with "feeder teams" e.g. Ross County could have 6 Rangers reserves playing.

* Make footballers subject to normal employment legislation, i.e. their contract can be terminated for poor performance removing the financial burden on clubs. (Some form of protection/compensation for clubs who develop young players)

* Get down to a manageable number of clubs - ie. amalganate a whole number of teams. Look at the success of the team who actually had the balls to do it - Inverness Caley Thistle! What about a Renfrewshire team (Morton / St Mirren) one Tayside Team, one team from the Borders, etc. If Stenhousemuir want to play in front of 320 people per match, then let them! But let's not waste SFA/SFL resources on them (a bit elitist, I know!)

* One administration body - responsible for developing Scottish football. As opposed to the current 3 - which are all self- serving!

* Professional referees! Not sure I'd want to be operated on by someone who is an Accountant or Teacher during the day, that gets to perform operations at the weekend! So why do we accept this as the standard of officials of our national sport?

* Reduce the ridiculous burden of policing costs on clubs.

* Post-match video evidence for cheating AND heavy punishments for any offenders (feigning / diving / etc) Lets get back to the Scottish values that we appreciate!

* Allow injured players to be treated without the play having to stop.

* Designated standing & singing areas in stadiums.

* Friday night football.

Most of these might be keech, but some of them might be worth a try, and if they don't work then try something else. Lets just have the balls to at least TRY something different.

(PS. Apologies - this post is a result of sitting in a pub in Washington DC, bored out my face, drinking lots of freezing (tasteless) beer, with nothing but feckin Basketball on the telly. Football is the only sport worth supporting, and the Scots must be the most passionate supporters of it anywhere in the world)

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:12 am
by bill
Sheik Yir Erse wrote: If Stenhousemuir want to play in front of 320 people per match, then let them! But let's not waste SFA/SFL resources on them (a bit elitist, I know!)

Youv'e really gone down in my estimation Sheik.Why pick on Stennie?


Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:45 am
by Sheik Yir Erse
:wink: I should have said East Stirling

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:47 pm
by bill
Sheik Yir Erse wrote::wink: I should have said East Stirling

or East Stirlingshire even. :lol:

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:36 am
by Mack
Cap the amount of money clubs can spend on players world-wide. Its not only Scottish football that is struggling. The financial structure of the 'giants' wins all the prizes. Surprise is gone - pick from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Untd, Inter Milan etc and you'll find the winner of the Champions League. Its the same in all domestic competition - the big fish win and the others fight the onset of administration.

Cap wages - its now ridiculous. Make clubs as equal as possible with maximum wage structures, but also protect the rights of players in transfers etc.

Take football back to the people. Encourage footballers to play for the jersey - the local town or city side.

I never thought I would say it - ban Sky coverage. Televise only the show games on national television.

If we are willing to give up the comfort of the armchair it is possible. But I think this is a pipe-dream!

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2011 4:52 pm
by bill
Surprised there was no congratulatory cheers for Stennie on playing their way out of the play off spot with a well deserved away win on the last day of the season. :roll: 8)

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:40 am
by Laurence
Scottish football is in a time of change. The McLeish report recommended sweeping reforms of football governance, the SPL have proposed a new structure for league football and the certainty of ever-increasing media income has disappeared. Against this backdrop supporters are questioning where the game is going and whether the rights changes are being made. This conference will bring supporters' trusts together with key representatives of football administration, clubs and players to discuss the vision for Scottish football and the realities of running a successful sport fit for modern times.
SOCCER statesman Alex Smith last night revealed his five-point fans' charter designed to lure supporters back to the Scottish game.
League Managers' Association chairman Smith insists only a common sense approach will solve the sport's problems.
The former Aberdeen boss and current Falkirk technical director insists Scottish football chiefs must ... Make Friday night football a long-term experiment.
Use television money to fund discount ticket prices for fans.
Create a multi-club season ticket initiative.
Introduce affordable pricing for all supporters.
Adopt sensible fixture scheduling that caters for fans.
Smith said: "Friday night football offers a lot of positives. We need to get fans back so we must see if it can be successful.
"But it needs to be brought into practice in a controlled way rather than just throwing it on people.
"The experiment needs to be long-term rather than just a couple of games.
"It would be more beneficial to certain clubs in certain towns. Hamilton, for example, suffer because they are so close to Glasgow and the Old Firm.
"They also have Motherwell and Airdrie nearby so I can see Friday night football working for them.

Re: The Future of Scottish Football

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:16 pm
by Amber12
the whole idea of scottish football is a joke i say you throw celtic and rangers in the premier ship and watch them rot away as bottom half of the table teams