The question of OIL

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The question of OIL

Postby EphemeralDeception » Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:41 pm

In 1981 3 companies: BP, BNOC and Horizon surveyed (seizmic surveys) for petroleum deposits in the firth of clyde between the South of Arran and the East of kintyre. This data has not yet been released to the public. However this lead BP to request, in the summer of 1981, an extensive license covering the entire Firth South of Arran for the extraction of petrolium products . This aspect has been made public under the 30 year rule.

The production license No. was/is PL262

However in Autumn 1981 the defence department blocked all mineral rights extraction in the entire Firth of clyde to allow unhindered passage of the Nuclear submarines.

There is scepticism over the volume of the oil and gas; over the quality of the oil; and whether or not fracking is needed. Re: The for example .However the oil is there.

Think very carefully on this. See ... dium=email

You have to remember that the UK Gov has lied and deceived the entire UK population about UK and Scottish resources since at least 40 years even prior to the McCrone report(

55 minutes in.

If you are in doubt - why is it not everyday public knowledge?
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